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4 g smart rearview mirror | AAITF spring fair in shenzhen

by:Huihang     2020-05-16
Three days of the 12th 2016 shenzhen international car modification services show on February 26, the curtain in the convention and exhibition center ( AAITF spring fair in shenzhen) , the exhibition called 'China's auto display with former', gather the global top 500 enterprises, more than 3000 domestic mainstream brand enterprises headquarters exhibition, 20000 world debut of new products directly. Exhibition site, in order to attract eyeball, many exhibitors are various ingenious methods, popular luxury booth, luxury cars and sexy spice will to a climax. The exhibitors are also their research and development of new products on display and, according to the data about the exhibition of telecommunications research and development of A33 intelligent rearview mirror scheme - - - - - - - 4 g + 7 inch screen, popular attention and welcome. Nonsense not much said, look at looks like! Internet + further extension of the concept of intelligent cars, vehicle-mounted mobile Internet undoubtedly is one of the hottest topics in the automobile industry. Car is connected to the Internet - - - - - - - Intelligent rearview mirror has a contemporary term get vehicle-mounted mobile Internet blustery, vigor car can also be connected to the Internet. Noisy car networking, however, there are a lot of behind the black and white mirrors in carrying the history of the classic at the same time, be innocent again abandon ~ (> _ < ) ~ when we are driving the car, have a dream that one day, the car can also join the outside world, that has been great! Dream or want to have, because up to 4 g + smart rearview mirror system is coming, let your love car to instant linkage of the world, enjoy the Internet + spring breeze bath! According to relevant data show that 4 g + screen also is now the mainstream of choice! Is the emergence of the intelligent driving domestic car component manufacturers are reached a new competition, only the product performance is stable and good user experience in order to meet the market requirements, da - great networking development in China's truck, through the software + + hardware mobile Internet way of thinking, focus on the driver usage scenarios, using the excellent experience of the good performance of the hardware, software, installation convenience for the automotive industry to bring innovative, revolutionary car networking products. Believe after let Mr Ma stop after dispatch intelligent rearview mirror products, the next round of wave is about to set off!
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