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4 g smart rearview mirror online!

by:Huihang     2020-05-16
4 g smart rearview mirror online! 4 g smart rearview mirror again innovation? For a piece of 4 g smart rearview mirror innovation, the development innovation is the most important is the rain, or another for many years or longer, 4 g smart rearview mirror with longer, using video or automatic control. But that is far away, the most simple reality is now in 4 g smart rearview mirror innovation on how to prevent not to let the rain fall on the lens, I also want to have a lot of kinds of methods to solve this problem on rainy days, but the other is passive, can most effective is this way, for the 4 g smart rearview mirror. I also went to test the existing rain techniques, such as heating tablets, not to mention, the passive effect is very poor, starting slowly, also will be served in 10 minutes or so is a bit hot, heavy rain a little useless, can also handle a little light rain, but the lens will be damaged after processing also left the rain mark. Such as add block slice again, in the 4 g smart rearview mirror on a plastic shell, only protection cloth lenses, the wind will be bigger, more rain splashed the water on the lenses on the window is blocked. And say what the rain liquid on the market, is sprayed on the lens can not stay on the mirror, let rain actually is false, I bought several experiments, gush go up when the rain and some fine water droplets on the mirror, also has the heavy rain, then the price is high also, using only a few days of time. After expire to wipe also hurt lens. Have said of blue light, I have also tested, and normal lenses are not much difference on rainy days, also not clear, even more bleak, rainy day to see the rearview mirror line of sight is not normal lens to clear. Dismantling 4 g smart rearview mirror method generally looks into the car, very little damage, once the most damage to the whole mirror assembly the whole damage, to repair only change new mirror assembly, here I speak only a slight general repair methods of the mirror lens damage, the driver of a car friends all know that generally the mirror lens damage to repair shop repair, repair shop owner told the damaged drivers are required to replace new mirror assembly shop won't change the lenses for you at all, actually a lot of owner are often think like this, the mirror is lens broke the mirror assembly have bad there's no need to even assembly in ah, yes, just change the lens, but often shop won't consider these things, they will use the simple repair things in a higher economic returns, change the lens material is not worth a few money plus installation at fifty dollars is enough, but always change the mirror achievement is not the same, there are some good advanced cars change the mirror cost thousands of dollars well even tens of thousands of it, here I am simple talk about general mirror lens replacement and removal methods, the structure of the mirror generally can be divided into four parts, the first is the mirror in a shell, the second is the lens holder, the third is the lens, the fourth is connecting rod handle bar operation, general lens damaged just yourself can change to remove the lens, the key is how to disassemble the lens? Here I shall tell you STH about dismantling method in the mirror lens is adjustable, first turn on the lens to the eye can see the booth location behind the lens, and then into the lens with your fingers slowly move out, then we can see between the lens and the booth of card buckle, if you have flat mouth screwdriver ( A screwdriver) Gently move card buckle to make it out of the booth, general lens has four card buckle, just subtract a card clasp activities slowly the rest three lenses is automatically opened, so that the lens is removed, and change the lens again according to the line, the installation process as well as disassembly process to all good for the lens is a press card slowly on the booth. Adjust the 4 g smart rearview mirror eye corner method 4 g smart rearview mirror is the preferred car items, is the owner 'second eye', played an important role, considering the safe driving, adjust the 4 g smart rearview mirror is particularly important. It is no exaggeration to say, has many years of driving experience owner ( The driver) Friends may not know how many are the correct adjustment of 4 g smart rearview mirror eye corner, in the small details in fact is directly related to the traffic safety is an important problem. Many people think, want to eliminate eye corner, try to look on the diversion of left and right rear view mirror or to cut. In addition, studies have found that may be in order to maintain a neat appearance at any time, may be the love of beauty, there are also many drivers the central rearview mirror adjustment can picture to himself, and these are all wrong. Normal driver in the eyes and not look back, only about 200 degrees left and right in front of the can see, in other words, there are about 160 degrees is invisible. Depends on three small mirror can cover the rest of 160 degrees, too 'strong mirror'; In fact left and right rear view mirror plus the rearview mirror, only about 60 degrees to provide additional visual range, so the rest of the 100 degrees? Very simple, many look back! Of cause by the good faith as this, leading by science and technology, establish brand awareness, strict quality management, first-class brand. User satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit; Ensure the quality of the brand, let the user trust, is the enterprise permanent commitment.
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