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A panoramic view of vehicle traveling data recorder

by:Huihang     2020-05-09
Panoramic vehicle traveling data recorder is a mobile phone on the efficient panoramic panoramic view of the vehicle traveling data recorder is a professional mobile phone platform vehicle traveling data recorder software. For all traffic safety can have very good effect, but also not jumbled advertising oh, a very good application. Panoramic vehicle traveling data recorder: powerful support driving speed, fuel consumption, distance and time display. Connection on-board computer can display the motor load, battery voltage, coolant temperature and fuel level, such as data, also support the speeding alert and emergency function of speed dial is very professional. Accidentally collision by others to your car, view the inside of the vehicle traveling data recorder emergency video recording function, provides strong evidence for you, never afraid of the meet crash the party. A panoramic view of vehicle traveling data recorder features: 1. Intelligent gesture recognition, automatically activated car model. 2. Driving video, photos, GPS trajectory, circulation records, saving storage space. 3. Key video, convenient archive, the lock on the current and a record in a timely manner. 4. Important scenes, touch screen instant gratification. 5. Support background, GuanBing records, gestures, flexible switching. 6. Video and photos saved in: mobile storage/driveasy/video and picture. 7. If you want to uninstall, first to recorder in Settings/security/device manager to activate, under Settings/application after unloading. 8. The first customizable residual oil volume control. Accurate, easy fuel input and computing functions. 9. Can record almost all cost related to the car, such as maintenance, accident, insurance, car and so on as many as 12 subdivision project. 10. Record the function of the pictures, the user can in each record entries additional 3 under the picture, the picture is truth. 11. Can get the same model of average data such as average fuel consumption, average thousands kilometers maintenance, etc. , let the user know more about your consumer habits and 12 in perfect condition. Automatic illegal queries and remind function, user manual query dismissed from the trouble. Also includes maintenance reminder, yearly check reminds, insurance remind sweet reminders, etc. 13. Q&a community system based on real owners, car sharing experience, answer my question. 14. Automatic recording movement trajectory 15 every day. Through GPS records through every corner of the 16. Trod the fog will be open 17. Your daily schedule data 18. Waiting for you to challenge the 19 various achievements. Statistics you explore the world area of 20. More interesting 21 list for your records. Continue the background using GPS will greatly reduce the battery life panoramic vehicle traveling data recorder is the best vehicle management software, the owner must jointly by millions of juyou real record, average real models from vehicle data. Can participate in the most real and effective at the same time the owner of the q&a community, is indispensable for every owner vehicle management software, can save a lot of problems for the owner. A panoramic view of vehicle traveling data recorder records the way of life for you, record your path. You many of the road every day, but did you ever know that you're leaving footprints on the planet? You always want to pull grinding of an ass kept in circles, and repeated through the same path every day, do the repetitive things, you twenty years, and he was already dead, but the seventy - year - old before buying, because your life is always in the repeat, repeat. Why not try to change, to explore the unknown world, maybe another way with beautiful scenery of novel and interesting people. The world around you covered by the fog, download a panoramic vehicle traveling data recorder takes you through the city of fog cover, traveling light footprint, look to the world to explore the world, meet the better yourself.
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