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A small desktop recorder

by:Huihang     2020-04-29
Small desktop recorder for dispatch weiye intelligent vehicle monitoring platform to launch an android intelligent cloud client, the user can at any time on the android system of vehicle traveling data recorder are checking the status of the car. The user can be realized in the process of drive travel many people sharing Wi - 3 g Fi hot Internet, trajectory synchronization, video editing, sharing, intelligent driving auxiliary ADAS, on-line music, Internet radio station, travel to create location sharing, wireless intercom, travel and a key called smart car in the life of 'all roads' entertainment, social applications. Small desktop recorder software introduction: in compatible with the traditional vehicle traveling data recorder of hd, wide Angle, the basic function such as electronic dog at the same time, the unique bluetooth, GPS, wi-fi, FM, 3 g and other communication mode and video streaming media processing capacity. A small desktop recorder main functions: 1. See all the current state ( Travel, speed/time stopped, stopped, area, etc. ) 2. Cycling track, report the vehicle precise location, speed, direction, etc. , can be set up to track frequency 3. Multiple vehicle monitoring, historical trajectory playback. Small desktop recorder software features: 1. Vehicle traveling data recorder 2 support wifi connection. Support the APP real-time broadcast, preview and playback. 4 support user community. Support video/image editing and sharing a small desktop recorder update content: 1, add delete no connection terminal 2, optimization of video playback and interception function 3, fix known bug4, increases the user experience 5, fix some bugs. 6, the optimization command sets and issued by experience. 7, a key to new car function ( Planning line) 。 8, the new support new ET series, H series new models. 9, increasing the third-party login ( QQ, WeChat, weibo) Function; 10, playback trajectory deviation correction; 11, offline map download problem repair; After 12, connecting device if the device time and vehicle traveling data recorder are greater than 30 minutes, increase speed automatic prompt time set up 13, map shows small desktop recorder is a vehicle traveling data recorder equipment, artificial intelligence support wifi connection vehicle traveling data recorder/DV, real-time playback, preview, playback, support for image and video editing, download, small desktop recorder at the same time is also a software based on video and photo sharing community, making it easy for users to share and interact.
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