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All volunteers vehicle traveling data recorder

by:Huihang     2020-05-10
All volunteers vehicle traveling data recorder, solution side parking problem! Domestic urban car ownership increased, especially the first-tier cities, believe that private owners while driving away, can feel more and more crowded roads and more and more difficult to find a parking space, small make up already. In writing this article, the night before the children with acute laryngitis will go to a hospital doing atomization, driving a car when you go find gate road and near field was littered with all kinds of vehicles, the hospital is also a 'a' is hard to find, not to stop. So every time to drive go out, will first consider the problem of parking. To go to the hospital after, very not easy to find a roadside parking space, but because the vehicles before and after, it's close by with night vision is not good, small make up the skills of driving and general, poured several finished the only hard side parking into bits, and even a few degrees during want to give up the parking find elsewhere, only the wife have nasty, child crying again, only crustily skin of head adhere to park the car and went in. With own experience, the more feel if the technology does not reach the designated position, especially back side bearing and put in storage, safe driving auxiliary equipment is necessary. If the car had installed the vehicle traveling data recorder scheme, believe that in the face of the night side bearing parking will more easily be assured. Because all volunteers vehicle traveling data recorder scheme adopted from SONY light night vision technology, combined with exclusive precision track technology, even in the night also is able to provide 360 ° panoramic high-definition images and vehicle trajectory visual, can greatly improve the success rate and safety of parking at night. More than that, all of the volunteers vehicle traveling data recorder scheme also has including lateral bearing parking mode and back into the Treasury of the auxiliary driving mode 6 d, assisted with 6 kinds of particular scenario with the traffic safety. In the lateral bearing parking, vehicle distance from other vehicles before and after and body position in the car in a timely manner to show on the screen, and provides accurate true trajectory predictions; When back into the Treasury, the right side of the display screen can be enlarged for intermediate reverse back view, the left is a picture of a body of 360 - degree panoramic bird's eye view, and two images can provide accurate true path, so both side parking and reversing warehousing, to be able to accurately position, easy parking. For living in the traffic developed city of drivers, driving difficult parking is always difficult and is often encountered problems, if installed in the car all the vehicle traveling data recorder scheme, can have a more comprehensive driving record images, more powerful light, night vision and a more professional auxiliary mode, really help the owner friends do driving records, see clearly at night, parking 'fast' and 'quasi', to minimize the difficulty of the urban traffic, improve the driving safety.
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