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Android 5. A final version 1 smart rearview mirror

by:Huihang     2020-05-03
The android 5 - great. 1 the latest version of the intelligent rearview mirror with different packaging and interface, whether appearance packaging or interface and function, there are many bright eye, function compared with before the products are also some big innovation. Which embody the idea behind the factory and the innovation spirit, to have such a good originality product to turn on the future development of smart rearview mirror small make up can't help but look forward to intelligent rearview mirror is full. Because just listed, almost no mature on the market of this kind of high-end products. Android 5. A final version 1 smart rearview mirror to increase the rearview mirror of the memory card interface management information function; Increase cloud service binding rearview mirror synchronous mobile location information to the background; Optimize the UI display; Optimize the XH series search XH001 - compatible In the name of the wifi XH009 fields. 'Do the products have the long march spirit, also need the spirit advocated by craftsmen. 'Someone said, to strong our national enterprises, must want to keep in mind, carries forward the spirit, let the world cheers for China. 'By its very hard, I need more entrepreneurs to inherit Chinese excellent traditional culture, national confidence, culture. '- great for professional insist, stick to the spirit of' originality ', is not an accident, and now the market is a buyer's market, more need to have the connotation, have feelings, care and service, to use, durable products. 'Originality', visible with a spirit, down-to-earth, keep improving to do do the products, services, can be in the currents of time not to go with the flow. Of cause the core of enterprise culture is brave when industry leading technology, lead to technology innovation, quality guarantee, Da weiye adhere to the 'leading' philosophy is about science and technology innovation as the main body, also cause focus on customer pain points, profoundly understand the continuous innovation of the industry; And spare no effort to continuously invest in innovation, and strive to achieve excellence. At the same time to build a more open platform, help partners to accelerate innovation, promote the healthy development of the ecosystem partners. Android 5. 1 the latest version of the intelligent rearview mirror after sales in order to improve the android 5 - great. 1 the latest version of the intelligent rearview mirror sales on rate and enhance the terminal sales of service enthusiasm, 'da - great' brand well-knownness, believe that through the joint efforts of services across the country, 'da - great' brand awareness and reputation will be improved greatly. In thus promote the sales of terminal service passion and potential amount and operating profit at the same time, to seize business double harvest, lead national terminal service provider in the industry found in winter sunshine, clear the future in the process, achieving goals during the operation, forge ahead hand in hand for our common cause! Of cause has always uphold the leading technology, quality, service concept, lead in the competition requirements after each participating service providers in the sold products, also teach customers to use car intelligence APP. Such not only can show the team service sales skills in an all-round way, also can greatly enhance the overall service level of the channel service, let the customers can get high quality intelligent safety system products, and can enjoy high quality pre-sale, sale, after-sales service.
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