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Android smart rearview mirror

by:Huihang     2020-05-01
Android smart rearview mirror is a new driving record application software, it can watch phone every driving record at any time, can also be very convenient to learn video playback record, can support more recorder in all kinds of wireless Settings. Android smart rearview mirror is introduced: a practical software with hardware and software is not a star, is an android intelligent rearview mirror, through the android intelligent rearview mirror you can directly use the phone to see the content of the vehicle traveling data recorder to record, very convenient. A smart rearview mirror with the android system control terminal hardware devices using mobile and can preview, playback video on mobile phones, but also provide parking detection, accelerometer, advanced features such as automatic time synchronization, subverts the traditional intelligent rearview mirror control way, bring you new experience. Android smart rearview mirror function: android intelligent rearview mirror is a shenzhen to dispatch weiye technology co. , LTD. Product of road safety products. Built-in SONY Exmor R IMX322 professional level night-vision high-definition cameras, video effect better driving at night, a 160 - degree wide Angle, reduce visual blind area. Using driving record meter * configuration image processor, video is more clear, no leakage seconds faster. Android intelligent rearview mirror is a new intelligent driving application software, it can very easy to record all the scenery along the way, at any time to help you improve all kinds of favorable video evidence. 1. Android intelligent rearview mirror support WIFI connection vehicle traveling data recorder, no traffic. 2. Support for wireless video playback, download. 3. Support for vehicle traveling data recorder wireless Settings. 4. Support video capture share. 5. Add the shot cut without networking is concise and practical. Circulation records save mobile phone memory. Saves the current record at any time convenient to use. Support recording GuanBing utmost to save battery power. Video resolution, video quality and parameters can be set automatically save time, etc. Android intelligent rearview mirror update: add the share button a new UI interface can use the application of intelligent rearview mirror racketeer prevention. Android intelligent rearview mirror can record the scenery in the process of vehicle and anecdotes, but also in the case of traffic accident provide powerful and video evidence, protect the legitimate rights and interests of their own. Android smart rearview mirror is a efficient mobile terminal application software, can be playback of video on mobile phones at any time, also can in time to stop investigation, automatic induction the regulating function of gravity, the traditional mode of operation.
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