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Android YunOS system intelligent rearview mirror online!

by:Huihang     2020-05-02
Android YunOS system intelligent rearview mirror online! Android YunOS system intelligent rearview mirror online! For most people the impression of smart car rearview mirror function is commonly used to observe in the rear of the vehicle traffic conditions, better take a dazzling resistant. And with the automobile electronic intelligence in recent years, the rear-view mirror has cramped by original single function, the small make up evaluating a new product: android YunOS system intelligent rearview mirror, the product in addition to navigation, intelligent voice entertainment, or a vehicle traveling data recorder. Besides, there are a number of black to be reckoned with in the science and technology, what are the specific, we take a look at. With the progress of science and technology, intelligent mobile phone has become a bridge users to connect the world, so in development of automobile industry, also need such a connection device of the world. Alibaba in the past two years committed to the development of on-board Internet, last year the cloud conference joined saic has released the first Internet roewe car RX5, let the real car running on the Internet. So people home already has a conventional car, can also let your car running on the Internet? The answer is yes, YunOS system has been deeply vehicle intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder, brought the android for older drivers YunOS system intelligent rearview mirror of weiye vehicle traveling data recorder is the most professional and the top domestic vehicle traveling data recorder brand manufacturers, now hand in hand to the android YunOS system intelligent rearview mirror, can make traditional cars running on the Internet. As a high-end android YunOS system intelligent rearview mirror, packaging, particularly domineering, gray rectangle packing box, packaging, in addition to the rearview mirror manufacturer will according to each person's models come with the installation of special accessories ( Car dedicated stent) , it is packed in a small box in addition. The modelling of android YunOS system intelligent rearview mirror continuation of the previous generation products, but some optimization in detail, looks more fashionable. And other ordinary hundreds of yuan of rearview mirror, this smart rearview mirror used the appearance of the trapezoid, and the original car rearview mirror were similar, the narrow width can avoid driving under shade the street signs and signals. The front three entities function keys, a 7 inch rectangular large screen in central rearview mirror, in the condition of not bright screen almost look not to come out, the effect is to my liking, will not affect the function of the mirror itself. There are a lot of development at the bottom of the interface, ventilation holes are placed on the left. Interface includes a DVR card slot, a TF card slot, a standard USB interface, a GPS card slot. On the back of the fuselage is connecting location and installation, is the right side of the vehicle traveling data recorder camera, a speaker on the left. Camera can be rotation of a small scale, users can adjust the Angle according to their own needs. Accessories, because the android YunOS system intelligent rearview mirror is the support of dual cameras before and after the product, so after parts inside and a camera, and the front vehicle traveling data recorder camera is and rearview mirror is a body, but also can move in small area, so that we can fully guarantee used when recording area. Rear camera in addition to used as a vehicle traveling data recorder, you can also come in handy when reversing, this design is definitely benefit for novice drivers, however skilled old drivers can directly to ignore. Android YunOS system intelligent rearview mirror also configure an external GPS antenna design, external greatly enhance the performance of the GPS, let the star product search faster. The test of the android YunOS system intelligent rearview mirror and no memory card, but sales version should have, so I have to prepare a memory card. , unlike a generation ago, the new product can't see the SIM card slot, built into the original product flow card, meaning that the user does not need to go to complete the card, the new opportunity to provide 3 G traffic. In detail and workmanship, the cross can than far boundary is not the rearview mirror, I feel even better than the simple sense of the original car. As a high-end automotive vehicle traveling data recorder product, android YunOS system intelligent rearview mirror price isn't cheap, this also let I to this product have more stringent requirements. May be for the sake of convenient users copy data, the crossing the banned video recording to local storage, can only insert TF can be recorded. YunOS also pay attention to the development of on-board Internet in recent years, are to be believed in intelligent experience should has a good performance. This simply out of the box, because of my schedule haven't install rearview mirror, da - android YunOS system intelligent rearview mirror officials have help me contact recently installed outlets, direct drive to install. Conclusion: after the evaluation, small make up for the android YunOS system intelligent rearview mirror is very satisfied, both interactive entertainment and in active safety aspects of this android YunOS system intelligent rearview mirror has a powerful function. After consumers to buy the product, at the same time can also enjoy the 'national group, both the competitiveness of the products and after-sales service, manufacturer is from the perspective of consumers.
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