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Bluetooth hands-free car rearview mirror

by:Huihang     2020-03-24
Bluetooth hands-free car rearview mirror is a and da - bluetooth hands-free car rearview mirror locator hardware supporting the use of mobile terminal applications, users can easily obtain by mobile phones after download car position, dynamic and relevant information, can query more vehicle fuel consumption, etc. Use daily record. Bluetooth hands-free car rearview mirror is a traffic navigation application, is shenzhen to dispatch weiye technology co. , LTD. Design and development of mobile applications. Bluetooth hands-free car rearview mirror mainly provide services for owners, to let users can easily and convenient management. Bluetooth hands-free car rearview mirror through the APP to view the location, track, this paper analyzes the comprehensive condition of vehicle, fuel consumption, mileage and other information, to realize the communication between the Internet and the owner. Bluetooth hands-free car rearview mirror main functions: 1. Real-time tracking: mobile terminal access vehicle location, that car seat anytime and anywhere. 2. History: easy access to vehicles with 3. Dock vibration alarm: more confident, car dynamic early know 4. Police remind: car's bodyguards, real-time dynamic know 5 the first time. 6 dock report: instant access to the parking lot information. Device information: easy learn car 7 comprehensive performance report. Bluetooth hands-free car rearview mirror is based on years' understanding of commercial vehicles we launch a intelligent management tools, mainly includes mileage statistics, consumption statistics, real-time monitoring, vehicle trajectory playback, driver behavior monitoring, etc. 8. Using bluetooth hands-free car rearview mirror and electronic map can real-time display the actual location of the vehicle, and random amplification, narrow, reduction, change the figure; Can be with the target's movement to make the goal always stay on the screen; Also can realize more Windows, vehicle and track at the same time, the screen to take advantage of this feature can be important vehicle and track transport of goods. Bluetooth hands-free car rearview mirror in car navigation and traffic management, the application of 9. Provide travel route planning and navigation of the travel route is a car navigation system is an important auxiliary functions, including: automatic line planning: by the pilot to determine the starting point and end point, the optimal design of the route by computer software automatically in accordance with the requirements, including the fastest route, the shortest route, through the highway sections of the minimum number of routes, etc. Artificial circuit design: the driver according to their own way to design starting point and end point and destination point, etc. , automatic wiring library. Route planning has been completed, can display on the electronic map display circuit design, and at the same time shows the car running path and method. 10. Information to provide users with the main target, such as tourist attractions, hotels, hospitals, such as database, the user can according to need to query on the electronic map. Can query data writing, speech and image display in the form of, and its location on the electronic map display. At the same time, the monitoring center can be used to monitor console in the region at any target location query, vehicle information will be in the form of digital display on the control center of the electronic map.
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