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BMW 2 Din Car DVD- BMW 2 Din Car DVD

by:Huihang     2021-03-16
BMW has developed a hit in global market since it turn out in 1973, because of computer high standard of safety, classical design and top-level with the car's quality. There is no doubt BMW E series is essential manufactures in Europe, and the Biggest Three Market Players of the nation. It's a big and famous brand. More and more people buy BMW, and equipped their car with 2 Din Car DVD is also the motor trend. You'll be able to should know how to pick a right one for your vehicle. I'm glad to show you some details about this 2 Din Car DVD. This kind of 2 Din Car DVD including BMW E46 Navigation, BMW E39 GPS. It adopt some wonderful features like The fixed panel design, and screen's angle can adjustable in dash installation with double din size; And different designed circuitry of standby function ensure the more durability of battery; Auto switch the signal from the backing car display status when backing a car, if external camera is available issues rear status can be looked at on the screen in real time to ensure the safety; Auto detect the small light switch function: if the small light is on, the light of keys will be on and the TFT screen will switch to night mode automatically; Hand break detecting function, which switches over the TFT display automatically to ensure the safety during driving. 2 Din Car DVD has built-in FM/AM radio stations, you won't miss the news what you're looking. It has 4 channels TV antenna input, make sure foods high in protein receive good and stable TV put in the car. May Automatic identification of PAL, NTSC, SECAM systems, so you can like the TV program wherever in the world, there is no limited. Certainly, listen music and watch movie is indispensable, and you can Plays DVD, VCD, CD, MP4, MP3, CD-RRW etc. Additionally has 2 channel AV output, very easy to connect with external AV as well as compose a perfect car AV entertainment system. It's wonderful to your family/friends. The built-in GPS support mainstream map such as lgo 8, Route 66, Gate 5 and Papago maps and etc. So, don't worry you can't find the suit map. You are going to get lost any more, if you fixed the idea. How wonderful it is ordinarily? So why not get 2 Din Car DVD towards your baby motor. Topcardvd will be your most suitable choice.
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