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Car hd vehicle traveling data recorder advantages and disadvantages of inventory

by:Huihang     2020-03-24
Car hd vehicle traveling data recorder on the market is more and more rich, function is more and more intelligent. Assemble a variety of functions in a simple rearview mirror. Vehicle traveling data recorder for owners of intelligent saves a lot of trouble, but also has some shortcomings need to be improved. Take stock car hd for everybody today the advantages and disadvantages of vehicle traveling data recorder. Car hd vehicle traveling data recorder shortcomings: 1. Display screen is small, and has a certain Angle, navigation and other information not intuitive auto rearview mirror the size of the restrictions, embedded in the rearview mirror inside the display area is very small, and has a certain Angle between itself rearview mirror relative to the driver, so want to clear intuitive on the display information has the certain difficulty. Especially when using the navigation display text above is difficult to see. 2. Multilayer composite mirror reflection effect is not good for other supplementary functions, intelligent rearview mirror need to implement on a piece of mirror at the same time observe the effect of the vehicle rear case and screen display. As a result, the multilayer mirror composite technology in, but this kind of mirror surface compared with the traditional vehicle hd vehicle traveling data recorder specular reflection effect is weak, especially it's difficult to see clearly in the night after the car. 3. Unstable system with the development of the car hd vehicle traveling data recorder, to highlight the product advantage, often constantly add more features, which resulted in increased burden of system, and below the windshield strong sunlight, high temperature, vibration and lead to its high load operation are often unstable. 4. Features require constant power supply, reduce automobile battery life is part of the car hd vehicle traveling data recorder has the function of real-time monitoring, through its internal attached acceleration sensors, cameras and real-time monitoring vehicles through network signal and mobile phone connection accident case report to the police. But such functions will continue to power after the vehicle flameout, if deficiency of intelligent rearview mirror can make the car battery discharge, reduce the service life of the battery. Da - great car hd vehicle traveling data recorder has overcome the above shortcomings, and has the following advantages: 1. Advanced intelligent navigation, ADAS driving assistant system on-board hd vehicle traveling data recorder use FCWS& LDWS safety assistant driving system, using the front camera, in the process of the car, the induced traffic surroundings, collect data and calculate the collision distance and time, in the face with a high speed to tie a scarf limber intelligent rearview mirror by sound and images suggest that allows the rider to perceived risk in the fastest time. 2. Cloud intelligent operating system, stable smooth fast car hd vehicle traveling data recorder using cloud intelligent operating system, Scott depth map custom, can be automatically updated, and through the mobile car machine Internet sharing, achieve zero flow map to upgrade. System built-in Scott map all kinds of data interface, let maps and system integration based on data analysis, real-time traffic update, not only can predict in advance more congestion, let you always quick step. 3. Explosion-proof, prevent fingerprints, prevent dizziness mirror, global voice voice control, intelligent collision automatic lock car hd vehicle traveling data recorder adopts industrial-grade joint screen, level gauge car explosion-proof mirror. The fingerprint mirror. The built-in car in WeChat, voice interaction system. Based on 4 g high-speed communications, mobile phones and car machine binding, the picture of the vehicle traveling data recorder can real time back to the phone. Networking can bind WeChat car in car collision, vehicle traveling data recorder in the shortest possible time to capture the picture, real-time alarm back to your phone.
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