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Car rearview mirror video player

by:Huihang     2020-03-26
Automotive rearview mirror video player is by the shenzhen city of dispatch weiye technology co. , LTD. , created by a driving car rearview mirror video player software, is a very good driving car rearview mirror video player application smart devices, automotive rearview mirror video player for the multi-function, help the user to record the driving situation, also supports real-time, rearview mirror, etc. Help users real-time track traffic, provides users with convenient traffic function, can real-time browsing real-time image, operation is very simple and convenient. Car rearview mirror is a video player for car users create a driving car rearview mirror video player, a mobile crane with automotive rearview mirror video player, car rearview mirror video player, GPS vehicle monitoring equipment management platform to launch the client. The user can query the vehicles in real time. Car rearview mirror video player will give you more convenience, there are a variety of convenient features! Car rearview mirror video player main features: 1, Wi Fi connection equipment hot 2, into the real-time browsing can view real-time picture 3, online browsing devices, video and image files, and 4, play local files can be downloaded, you can edit and share 5 sets equipment function status. 6, view their vehicles list 7, real-time position for 8, historical trajectory playback 9, vehicle alarm monitoring, vehicle electronic around 11, 10 real-time query the vehicle location, security and 12, a car rearview mirror video player, connection Wi - After Fi can realize real-time browsing, online play, download and edit, share, device Settings, etc. 13, have real-time community, sharing, editing, and other functions, to support real-time preview, file management, wifi remote Settings such as powerful function, users can share the video clip down to the third party platform. 14, car rearview mirror, video player, vehicle traveling data recorder, cloud remote control, electronic dog can get photo and video, real-time, etc. , also includes a car owner community, users can share video vehicle rearview mirror video player. 15, can help to manage their travel friends driving record, making it easier for friends to know their own path, let friends can use more records. 16, 17, rich community sharing online real-time preview function, support a healthy share the platform of the third party, such as WeChat, weibo, circle of friends and faecebook18, support GPS track display, can show users the current video synchronously with playback video motion trajectory of automotive rearview mirror video player update log: 1, the time of the message list. 2, WeChat binding, repetitive checks of unreasonable optimization. 3, tracking, and from the device details into the only baidu map Bug. 4, huawei mobile phone ghosting baidu map. 5, flash back trajectory playback of the time.
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