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Cloud intelligent rearview mirror all-in-one evaluating online!

by:Huihang     2020-05-13
Cloud intelligent rearview mirror all-in-one evaluating online! Of dispatch intelligent rearview mirror all-in-one cloud for rearview mirror navigation bar products, highly competitive product reference in function and form, the few breakthrough, however, shenzhen da this summer - conveniently introduced weiye technology co. , LTD. The third generation of rearview mirror navigation, further to competing goods of distance between, in many ways to improve, product listed small make up for the first time after receiving the latest product installation experience, then we will function and experience from several aspects, such as do those remarks for everyone. Out comments on cloud intelligent rearview mirror all-in-one appearance as a cloud and intelligent rearview mirror machine design simple, but delicate, packing accessories within these few said, directly see the product details of memory CARDS, recorder card slot plastic cover, we can see the cloud do thoughtful, intelligent rearview mirror machine memory card inserted, basic can not out, plus the cover after we can prevent the ash layer very well, or lost. The mold fine workmanship, mirror slant blue ( The special coating) Is said to be effective to prevent strong light, the product behind the 3 c printing good proved the reliability of the product, it is invisible to the above the other products, certification is not easy, otherwise full avenue are also more! Operation when the car passed, the host automatically boot ( As long as shutdown, need to independently according to boot) Beidou navigation interactive entertainment since cloud of real smart rearview mirror all-in-one costly beauty line hand in hand to build exclusive live navigation map, it created the real navigation the super practical function, super bright spot, numerous manufacturers saliva three feet. Cloud is beidou navigation module that is used by the intelligent rearview mirror all-in-one search positioning accurately, using the map, we can see two very personality of bright spots, one is the DVR live navigation, common map information on the left, the right for the actual driving video and map direction information, according to the superposition of that is in the synchronous driving record. Second, interactive entertainment, the function of small make up temporarily not seen in other products, this is a great innovation, the newcomers have a reference. Here we can quick the bluetooth operation, music, video, and other functions of the switch. Floating window guidance to small scale shows the navigation time may short press the switch machine key into the floating window effect, at this time only show navigation direction information, the rest of the region with ordinary rearview mirror, but the area is large, and have practical navigation information. On the host, do not use any function can also be a short press enter the screen saver features, now is the time. Bluetooth phone, but speech number small window is displayed in the navigation of the bluetooth function, small make up for the first time to experience ( A little ignorant indeed) , when they call to speech name, such as no name or number directly to the phone number, and address, this feature is very applicable in the car. When the cloud in vehicle navigation, intelligent rearview mirror machine driving records, music, video, and other functions, electricity, there will be 1/6 of the popup window, and the voice prompt. Electronic dog fixed flow velocity measuring electronic dog function combined with digital map data is used, after reasonable setting, electronic dog not frequent, and can effectively reduce the chance of being photographed. Vehicle traveling data recorder trajectory playback function of vehicle traveling data recorder is a combination of practical result has been to see the map, can support trajectory playback, namely when playback can be synchronous driving to see the map location, speed and other information. Multimedia music video played more feature-rich cloud intelligent rearview mirror all-in-one multimedia information window, bluetooth music, image browsing, music, movies, e-books, in music, video, voice transmission to the original car by FM acoustics, music, video, support a variety of formats, video using hard decoding, small make up 1080 p video broadcast caton. In the use of various entertainment functions, also can call out a key navigation information small window, guidance and convenient. Practical multi-function key humanized system setting five Settings, covering the screen, voice, language, system, including said before multifunction button layout, complete in the system Settings, can be convenient to call other functions or take pictures. Conclusion: cloud intelligent rearview mirror all-in-one will navigation, vehicle traveling data recorder, electronic dog, ETC four just needs the combination function, meet the owner of one pace reachs the designated position. After experience the product interaction on the navigation and entertainment function, navigation information floating window display, capacitance touch screen touch input, bluetooth telephone function, at this stage it is supremely well, small make up feel is unmatched by other products, this is one reason why cloud intelligent rearview mirror all-in-one highly sought after.
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