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Cool android vehicle traveling data recorder

by:Huihang     2020-03-27
Cool android vehicle traveling data recorder was developed by shenzhen (weiye technology co. , LTD. Cool android application vehicle traveling data recorder, remote video recording and sharing anytime and anywhere, the operation is simple, real-time monitoring, customize product according to your requirements! Cool android vehicle traveling data recorder features: 1. Reasonable logic system power supply design, and the original car open shutdown synchronization, 2 without batteries. Built-in wi-fi communication module, can through the mobile phone video view, download and share. Through equipment WIFI, can download video recorder * * 0 traffic, convenient rapid transfer to 4 smart phones or devices. Provide 1920 x 1080 p / 30 FPS * * all video footage and clear images, as * * day and night. 5. Open motion detecting function, static images don't write CARDS, smart save video 6 effectively. System support 32 gb Micro SD card 7. To record video, support record 8 cycles. Support to check pictures and video. Uninterrupted photos, can be set up according to the parameters taken 10. Can set video photo shoot length, cycle number, parameters such as resolution 11. Built-in WiFi module and mobile phone directly connected, matching after a successful connection phone automatically, without a wireless router, 12 consumes no flow. Mobile phone watch, direct with mobile peer-to-peer communications, realize mobile phone watch video 13. Driving parking image security, video recording, 24-hour monitoring 14 vehicle. Preview and playback 15 phone synchronization. Remote capture, as record, smart download, photographed and recorded 16 wireless remote control. Share a key, travel stories, free sharing, interested can choose photos and video, share to various social platform cool android vehicle traveling data recorder's brief introduction: 1) 'Cool android vehicle traveling data recorder' car is special, can through the Wi - Fi realize mobile browsing, download, set control and share. 2) Full HD 1080 p HD driving video, with dark state enhanced processing technology, super night vision effect of recording, the absolute of the industry's most professional recorder products. 3) For premium car. 4) Cool android of vehicle traveling data recorder can record the driving image and sound, racketeer, protect their rights; Also can be conveniently will cool android vehicle traveling data recorder to shoot the scenery along the way or hunting noseless fast to share with friends and family. 5) Cool android vehicle traveling data recorder is a super cool android vehicle traveling data recorder, the vehicle can be on the phone to locate and view the history track schedule and mobile management route, through the system wifi can download vehicle traveling data recorder zero flow hd video, can share to other intelligent devices, let share anytime and anywhere. Can control the android hardware, vehicle traveling data recorder can see detailed video shoot!
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