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Da - 3. 0 intelligent voice the rearview mirror

by:Huihang     2020-03-23
On September 19, 2015, guangzhou international automobile supplies ( In the fall) In guangzhou trade fair opened as poly world trade center, by the shenzhen news weiye technology co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as the (weiye) Jointly held by hkust xunfei '3. 0 intelligent voice rearview mirror 'conference held a grand plan application, many automotive electronics manufacturers, distributors, the media was invited to attend and witness of dispatch feats and hkust xunfei combination. Da - 3. 0 intelligent voice rearview mirror conference on the dispatch address cause technology director of sales peak, thanks to the distinguished guests to visit, and officially unveiled a great platform - fly 3. 0 intelligent voice rearview mirror. The program built-in code-named 'A33' main chip, carrying four nuclear one. 2 GHZ, with strong processing capacity. Support the codec dual H. Before 264, 1080 p 720 p after 30 FPS + 25 FPS, support high-speed storage, high-capacity TF card, extensible ADAS function. The key is to dispatch 3. 0 intelligent voice rearview mirror can really be auto voice assistant, this is the biggest bright spot. Can let users to say, also can make the car talking, whether in the high-speed voice navigation, or make a phone call, can be done by voice. The user driving really release hands, without manipulation. The magnitude of the Internet and voice integration content and resources. Specifically, up to 3. 0 intelligent voice rearview mirror solution function features prominent, than the rest of the rearview mirror scheme in a commanding position. First, in the aspect of voice assistant: up to 3. 0 intelligent voice rearview mirror can retrieve, personalized customization customers with the industry's leading voice recognition and noise reduction technology, have the cloud + local twin-engine to raise the overall effect of speech recognition, with hkust xunfei sound cloud strong support. Second, telephone: support voice search more candidates or more than with a contact number; Also supports voice choose target contacts or number to dial out; Also support contact fuzzy matching. Third, navigation: the speech docking Scott, baidu, can map to switch between the voice, and make the efficient and accurate POI search. Fourth, Archimedes FM: Archimedes FM users by the end of June 2015, nearly 80 have been all over China and other countries and regions. Archimedes are aggregation of more than 7000 professional radio programs, not only solved the programs available to listen to listen to, also implements the users and you interact at any time. And at present, xunfei with Archimedes depth cooperation, geared to the needs of vehicle direction, building on-board Internet radio. In addition, up to 3. 0 intelligent voice rearview mirror and real-time traffic information, cool music, travel, I rich applications. As the nation's largest voice technology enterprise, is also up to - 3. 0 intelligent voice rearview mirror solution partner, hkust fly car division head Fang Qi application prospect of the voice on the vehicle carried on the thorough analysis. It was reported. In August 2014, xunfei in traditional artificial intelligence ( The perception of intelligent) Areas make a breakthrough on the basis of the combination of bear 863 people answer key research projects, officially launched the xunfei super brain plan, research and development of intelligent system based on neural network of human cognition. The xunfei goal is to realize the world's first Chinese cognitive intelligence computing engine. The on-board information and the development trend of intelligent human-computer interaction way change constantly, voice interaction technology have become the main development direction of on-board human-computer interaction, at the same time of improved security, ease of use and sense of science and technology can effectively improve the car, generally speaking voice let the car more intelligent, more safety. Finally, da weiye science and technology, general manager, introduce new products and new trend of the future products. In order to let the guest know more about the experience of product platform bring more convenient, of cause also set up special experience zone, guests experience with '3. 0 intelligent voice rearview mirror solution 'intelligent rearview mirror products, have high evaluation is presented. Guests have said, for great confidence to develop a new platform, and intelligent rearview mirror market is filled with hope for the future. Copyright and reproduced statement: all rights reserved, reprint please indicate the source.
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