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Double lens on-board vehicle traveling data recorder online!

by:Huihang     2020-05-07
Double lens on-board vehicle traveling data recorder online! Looked at this year's smart car vehicle traveling data recorder is fire, could not help but just bought a pair of lens on-board vehicle traveling data recorder, share with you some feeling of use: 1, the function: is very strong, almost 800 piece of equipment contains a vehicle traveling data recorder, electronic dog, navigator, online entertainment, voice services, etc. 2, vehicle traveling data recorder: comparing traditional vehicle traveling data recorder more screens, things to be clear at a glance, you can also adjust the playback, at least can know the Angle of the camera Settings match not appropriate, filming site can view, and is the integration of do not take a place, need not consider lines and power interface. 3, navigation: thought about 800 piece is integrated, should not how, but found the system has the android system, map besides can also go with pre-installed ( Nest is small expert) , networking, followed by cell phone map, with a lot of time, is recommended by on line, can find a small place name, mobile Internet era, car navigation or use offline map pack, that's too bad, Can't resist poking fun at) It's just good, can be connected to the Internet. 4, electronic dog: this is very general, not how to use, I usually drive very honest, but have a chat - no, when I was interested in open use 5 points, online entertainment, buy a send traffic, can listen to music or something, think of as a welfare also pretty good, then I found that traffic is super super super enough, traffic is convenient, the navigation route is wrong not afraid, you can also display road, okay. I strike back base to little song to listen to, and the back had no choice but to use mobile phone with the flow. Online before 6, voice service: remember a funny video owner interacts with navigation, feeling a person speaks to a mirror should be pretty that what of, call back once, said a voice: hey, this thing had awakened, ask me, what can I do for you, me, you have a meal? , the mirror: no, I am: the last time we in XXXX to eat good, or to go? Mirror: ok, then it should automatically pop-up navigation, and the destination is the address, I just found out that intelligent voice now also pretty interesting, original behind much, occasionally found in addition to appear some problems, but it does liberation hands, not one hand while driving but also in the above yapping according to, as long as say: hi, it will automatically start to feel domestic things double lens on-board vehicle traveling data recorder is also in progress not only has the function of the rearview mirror, you can also interact with the radio, can connect mobile phone WeChat report, speech voice control, capture. After heard the captured video upload also can get a red envelope, quite good. Have been using a dual lens of on-board vehicle traveling data recorder, is a connection of 4 g network products, using four intelligent chip, match with android 5. 1 system, with intelligent voice control, WIFI sharing, online map navigation, WeChat assistant, driving records, reversing video, cloud dog, FM launches, etc. Powerful, can have a try.
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