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Enterprise Development LED New Ideas

by:Huihang     2021-03-13
LED lamps with its long life, environmental protection, and other advantages, become one of the popular trend lamps. LED the life of the lamps on earth have for some time? That LED the life of common in 100000 hours not false, and LED drugs lanterns as a result about to receive certain power, the more power, car loans generally the cooling requirements, if cooling is bad, LED by the life of the influence. Another is the drive power part, and such and 'LED lights' about the life. Another quality also affect longevity, so in LED lighting industry common LED life value among the normal parameters should be 30000 to 50000 hours and hours. Such life has already been meet virtually the lighting needs, for a lot beyond energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamp life LED lamps and lanterns, whether to blindly pursuing a longer life? The life of incandescent lamp is for 1000 hours standard definition, but is usually long time occupies civil home lighting market, probably the most important reason is that the price . Although have benefit of of LED lighting life, but may possibly is prohibitive for the general public. The author thinks that when have a certain life LED lamps advantage, no be compelled to go a good deal for more long life, just as not were required to pursue excessively photosynthetic efficiency. Compared to set you back . of energy-saving lamps, LED lamps price also recorded at a disadvantage, on the household lighting people occupy the market share, reduce cost, speed up the popularization and application is the kingly fashion. Recent You.S. energy star is drafting discuss the standard of ball steep light LED, such as a controversial point is about minimum life requirement, EPA may will be the life of the consumer lamps from 25000 hours to demand at least 10000 hours, because the 10000 hours every day compared to some three hours to calculate already convey more than nine years of life. EPA the latest standard merely yourself can nominal life is how much, to minimal of of 10000 hours, of course, should the test result is good, you may also nominal 25000 hours or extra. Such as the mainstream market at gift for indoor lighting of LED light cup, a CPL brand service life of the light cup in 50000 hours, this greatly satisfy the domestic market demand, for commercial lighting, industrial lighting is enough to meet their has. According to CPL light cup east China regional manager liu fine Ming said, 'at present an associated with customers issue not the length of the service life for the product, plus product quality, brightness, compares value.' Therefore the product benifit of and enterprise to market with could have a future, november 23 customers. CPL light cup is through a very large number of market research, a good understanding in the customers dependant upon the launch of the LED lights cup professional brand. 9 associated with use for your average household application has enough, for the hotel, the subway station, the long-term of need illume place, can make use of a few life long LED lamps, which indicates that the EPA to LED lamps simply no longer life one size fits all, only stipulate minimum life requirement, different places illume can choosing suitable for that lamps and lanterns of life, reflect differentiation demand in China, it unquestionably a good enterprise, to be certain small businesses and large enterprise may, according therefore to their own conditions, reduce cost in LED light bulb at switching the time, almost improve their different variety of the company's products, these products rapidly update and promotion.
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