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ETC mini intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder the latest edition of the online!

by:Huihang     2020-05-15
ETC mini intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder is shenzhen da weiye technology co. , LTD. Is a product of the product, after the application is mainly in the service of auto rearview mirror vehicle traveling data recorder in the market, the main function of vehicle traveling data recorder, navigation, electronic dog, ETC, remote anti-theft, lawless query, path query, a key to rescue, remote setting equipment sensitivity, long tone, remote shutdown, binding equipment, equipment unbundling, modify the password and so on, convenient remote management/operation equipment ( Car rearview mirror) 【 Software introduction 】 : ETC intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder is a mini providing security for the car and the car collision remind smartphone applications. When you are on urban expressway, driving on country roads, forward this application can help you security; Particularly suitable for long-distance travel on the highway, unaccompanied cases, driving a car. Mini intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder using car terminal (ETC) Such as: the rearview mirror, recorder, etc. ) The rigid demand the product, meet user as the recognition of driver behavior, remind, guide tool. By constantly on driver behavior recognition, remind, guide, let drivers know what is your driving skills and safety level, to improve the driving habits and constantly, reduce the risk of driving safety and personal transport costs, eventually improve the traffic safety of the society as a whole. 【 The main function. : 【 Voice navigation. Use online maps to find the destination through the App end, a key issued to navigation terminal. Set the destination ahead of time, use online maps, to ensure the full and accurate data. - - - - - - 【 Remote alarm 】 Owners after leaving in parked cars, car terminal will shoot a scene scene photos sent to the cloud platform, and push to the APP, car owners by looking at the photos can quickly locate and find a vehicle parked position. - - - - - - 【 Driving behavior identification 】 Car terminal to collect information of driving behavior, through the analysis of the large data cloud platform, to provide drivers regularly driving skills analysis report. Driving side view report by mobile phones, to understand what is your driving skills and safety level, to improve the driving habits and constantly, reduce the risk of driving safety, and reduce the cost of personal transport. 【 Driving path query 】 Cloud platform for real-time record the motion of the vehicle information ( Line, speed, time, etc. ) , the owner in the phone APP can always see a period of time the movement track of vehicles, can be more convenient to monitor the bus ( Fleet management) And car usage. 【 WeChat 】 people Need to pick up person, but to be the address of don't know? Let him send the address to the rearview mirror, directly in the rearview mirror navigation in the past' Sends navigation 】 By mobile phone APP, sends the location information in advance to the rearview mirror, get on the car can trigger the rearview mirror navigation 【 Vehicle position 】 To view the location of the vehicle parking information and photos' Check the rear view mirror video and photos] By connecting the rearview mirror, can preview in the rear-view mirror photo and video. May also be bound by mobile phones qq or WeChat view, synchronization to share. 【 ADAS】 ETC mini vehicles in front of the intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder will identify your vehicle's, when the vehicle within 5 meters in front of the distance, a warning prompt; When the distance within 1 meter in front of the car, the alarm prompt. The application also provides the function of the vehicle traveling data recorder, such as video and broadcast video. Before you drive, please place the chuck bracket at the top of the front windscreen of vehicle is central, and rearview mirror at the same height. Will be installed in the application of smart phone fixed on the bracket, and vertical slightly lean forward sideways straight and level. In driving process, you open car security guards, to ensure that the vehicles ahead of image display in the middle of the screen, there is no horizontal or vertical blisters.
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