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Four road vehicle traveling data recorder online!

by:Huihang     2020-05-06
Four road vehicle traveling data recorder is a specially develop efficient intelligent four road vehicle traveling data recorder, all the functions can be manually operation, can also convenient real-time record all data, can be very convenient to check the application of all kinds of auto index, watch the recorder on the device at any time, more convenient to view all kinds of video. Make driving more security, at any time to provide efficient safeguard. Road vehicle traveling data recorder is a multi-function convenient multifunctional tool record driving conditions, the user, as long as simple to open the application in the process of driving record will be simple. Software also perfect support vehicle speed, fuel consumption, engine load, engine oil temperature at that time, such as real-time display. Can perfect show hair more the load on the motor, battery voltage, coolant temperature and fuel level, such as data, at the same time support the overspeed warning, can achieve fast dial-up function in case of an emergency. Four road vehicle traveling data recorder is a used with beautiful recorder as chongqing drive mobile vehicle traveling data recorder, can help drivers friends clear record traffic image, make people travel more convenient security. Recorder can clearly see the car driving records, more intimate stabilization function, make the driving safety and reliable protection. Four road vehicle traveling data recorder function is introduced: support for a variety of formats hd video recording and record the location of driving. Support automatic recording and voice record into the function. Support video playback function at any time. Supports real-time synchronization record car status. Support automatic save video, easier then for the user. Four road vehicle traveling data recorder features: 1, automatic open the vehicle traveling data recorder to record the video of driving. 2, support the emergency call function practical and convenient. 3, recording video support iso manual adjustment. 4, recorded video automatically saved, fast and smart. 5, intelligent image stabilization, can record with the more clear picture for you; After 6, WIFI connection APP, can use the APP setting machine; 7, hd video, 1080 p, support the use of mobile phones view; 8, multiple camera angles, meet the needs of different owners; 9, don't waste flow, consumption and only a small number of mobile phone battery; 10, automatic switch machine, provide the owner with the thoughtful service. An efficient, practical and reliable four road vehicle traveling data recorder. Through and form a complete set of equipment connection, you can directly in the mobile phone can see four road vehicle traveling data recorder, video can be downloaded at the same time, take photos, look back, and other functions, compared with the traditional four road vehicle traveling data recorder, more convenient to handle and view the video. Four road vehicle traveling data recorder is a very professional mobile vehicle traveling data recorder. Will be beautiful as chongqing drive recorder can phone at any time after the onboard serial checking their car indicators to watch the video recorder, driving safer!
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