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Global speech voice control intelligent rearview mirror

by:Huihang     2020-05-12
Global speech voice control intelligent rearview mirror - Rearview mirror hot car networking with the progress of science and technology, global voice acoustic born intelligent rearview mirror navigation application, the current intelligent hd voice rearview mirror function is very powerful, not only with the vehicle traveling data recorder, navigation, radar warning, bluetooth, such as a regular telephone, after reversing visual function and near infrared night vision, even if the night footage is very clear and bright, offline speech acoustic and ADAS pedestrian vehicle collision warning, functional aspects there's almost no other can match vehicle traveling data recorder. Two years of after-sales policy is more perfect, replacement, the coinsurance, powerful + perfect after-sale, the intelligent rearview mirror of the vehicle traveling data recorder is currently on the market sales held. Networking smart car rearview mirror is one of the most popular products in recent years, automobile industry, car rearview mirror all-in-one independently of the operating system, the operation of the independent space, is free to install the software, in access networks at the same time also has the vehicle traveling data recorder, electronic dog, reversing image, multiple functions such as GPS, online music, loved by the owner. Status: intelligent rearview mirror brand is various, the price difference is big car rearview mirror brand very much, and the price difference is very big. Some cheap as long as after yuan, the price is high but reached yuan. Through interviews with professionals, and according to the actual usage, to recommend brand technology solutions for high-end global speech voice control intelligent rearview mirror trader - — Da - weiye technology co. , LTD. Of cause the brand software hardware technology is very good, very completely and after-sales service. All over the country can provide pre-market after-sales service. As for the specific models, recommend MTK8665. Global speech voice control intelligent rearview mirror MTK8665 screen location in the middle, the screen size is 5 inches. And intelligent voice control function, even driving car owners can also voice control function such as navigation, play music, really let owner liberation hands, greatly improve the driving safety. In addition, MTK8665 intelligent rearview mirror by focusing on binding WeChat public vehicles information, can be conducted on WeChat vehicle positioning, path query, push the address, and other functions, is very convenient. Why global speech voice control intelligent rearview mirror can win the market? MTK8665 global speech voice control intelligent rearview mirror is a full screen, the screen size to 8 inches. Display effect is better. And work better. Very suitable for high-end models of installation. Will vehicles interconnection, safe driving auxiliary, live traffic voice navigation, entertainment and so on several big voice interaction information technology integration into an organic whole, can support the whole network communication, at the same time also has the vehicle traveling data recorder, cloud electronic dog, storage, network hot WIFI link, support TF card single biggest extension support 32 gb, and other functions. Recommend global voice acoustic control intelligent rearview mirror MTK8665, because its performance is very stable, basic won't appear crash. Smart rearview mirror and puno exit are car special products. Strictly follow the voice control global voices on design intelligent hd rearview mirror products as a car accessories to design, retain the original style will not a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role, to avoid the product in appearance is too loud and interior to form strong visual contrast, make interior, build natural atmosphere, between products and it is up to - great differ from most other brands on the design concept. With excellent appearance and UI design, as well as the price of the populist, successfully opened the sales on the Internet. Beidou + GPS dual-mode positioning, navigation more quickly. Using navione and Scott map, the user can choose according to their own needs. Core strengths is its video camera is very big, shot wide Angle is big, effect is very good, are popular with many users, sales is to force. In security on the one hand, with function of ADAS, cater to the current needs of young people for driving safety auxiliary. Global speech voice control intelligent rearview mirror strong versatility, perfect user experience, and sharp brand reflected by the high quality users reputation, let prospective intelligence rearview mirror in the fire. Appearance is very beautiful, this is also a feature. USES is YunOS system, with general android intelligent rearview mirror is different, but it can be compatible with android applications. In the interface of the UI design is very fashion, is spent a lot of state of mind, no kind of shanzhai. Here to teach some people global speech voice control intelligent rearview mirror technology solutions business choose skills: method 1, see intelligent rearview mirror of intelligent voice control operation voice control function is one of the features of intelligent rearview mirror all-in-one function, with this function, we can free hands, in the process of driving by speaking to various functions of the machine, greatly improve the security of our driving. Therefore, when the choose and buy voice control function of recognition, sensitivity and response speed are our attention. Method 2, see the stability of the intelligent rearview mirror no matter how good parameters and function of propaganda, the most important thing is to see the stability of the intelligent rearview mirror performance. Intelligent, for example, some small manufacturer of the rearview mirror, often there will be a crash, card screen, restart, and other issues. These are the most common problem, is also the most affect the user experience. Method 3, see smart rearview mirror manufacturers after-sales service due to the particularity of rearview mirror products, car networking requires higher demands in terms of after-sale. Rearview mirror product features very much, so the use of late, how the data update and how traffic card prepaid phone, etc. , all need to you when the choose and buy should choose as far as possible big manufacturer brand, to ensure that when you can find someone to solve any problems.
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