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GPS vehicle traveling data recorder

by:Huihang     2020-05-14
GPS vehicle traveling data recorder is a kick-ass car networking smart devices, to provide you with remote monitoring, control and videos, but also for your private/public network or IP cameras, video encoder and CCTV camera, video recorder. Remote monitoring your baby, pet, household, commercial, transportation, weather, and safety ( All the data sent to the third party) 。 GPS vehicle traveling data recorder function: support all major suppliers MJPEGIP camera/encoder/DVRs, and network camera supports up to 16 cameras ( At the same time shows four cameras) Multiple cameras layout is a key to sequential pattern use email to share the camera camera import/export to the SD card or Dropbox service control pan/tilt/zoom camera digital zoom snapshot to the SD card using third-party Worldscope included no camera limit access to thousands of cameras ( At the same time display 16 cameras) Loop video to SD/FTP/Dropbox audio support ( Only supports the model) Searching the web camera with WiFi/Internet eight attached camera layout SSL support ( The HTTPS protocol) Support the photographer in the head motion detecting ( Specific model support) Products in addition to provide video more important information: map, speed, location, time, route and so on. Supports multiple video resolution ( High, medium, low) 。 Support the 'mute' and night shooting mode; In the video, you can choose to turn off the phone screen to save battery power. ( Need to ios 5 or higher) The video was abort or cut into the background, the system will automatically save the video. For example: calling. You can easily browse and manage your video and roadmap. Support to keep video camera film, also can through the WiFI network video export to your computer. You can export your route by mail. Video playback support time, speed, location information such as synchronous display. The friendly operation interface, and support the Retina screen Retina. Support for the iphone 5 and iOS6. You can choose to save the last only a few minutes of video. Enable this option, you can continue to video, without the iPhone's memory. No video a few restrictions. No video watermarking. No advertising. GPS vehicle traveling data recorder is travelling and motorists necessary a powerful vehicle traveling data recorder. GPS vehicle traveling data recorder is a specially designed for driving records and multi-worlds and car networking smart devices. It is a powerful mobile video recorder, and at the same time to record your mobile trajectory, position, distance, speed and other information.
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