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Hd control of vehicle traveling data recorder

by:Huihang     2020-03-22
Control of vehicle traveling data recorder is a hd vehicle traveling data recorder application of hd control of vehicle traveling data recorder provides users with convenient driving record function, real-time traffic video shooting, to provide users with offline maps, voice navigation, vehicle positioning, and other functions, let users driving safety and convenience. Hd vehicle traveling data recorder for intermediate function: 1. Full-time image control of vehicle traveling data recorder to record hd video and synchronous way to complete the process of driving record from the every moment. Every trip to keep complete video video and photo files. Images interact with trajectory playback: video and photos in the show, the filming location of synchronous display track on the map, the dramatic reduction in the process of driving scenarios. Through trajectory in the photo can see the location on the map to follow changes, can also by clicking on the map on the trajectory of a specific location near the location of photos. Real-time capture function: it is a convenient video capture function. Click a snap button, will generate click moments before and after 8 seconds of the video content, don't miss a particular event, can also be used to quickly share. Video and photo according to equipment storage space usage circulation coverage, ensuring maximum image data retention time span. Video and photo record: the user can according to the level of network traffic or content important call, video clips, download and save the mobile phone in the permanent preservation. 2. Live share of driving control of vehicle traveling data recorder to provide high-definition cameras live video sharing features, camera real-time image in the process of sharing can be synchronized to friends. Sharing including video broadcast way and way of live pictures. Sharing is easy to operate, on the premise of not affect driving, make drivers more focus on driving. Share automatically end process lasts for 5 minutes in order to reduce traffic, and reduce operating steps for driver. Video broadcast more than the live images using the 3 g network process, the user can choose according to need to share the way. 3. Promoting improved driving habits hd control of vehicle traveling data recorder records and statistics of vehicle fuel consumption for long time, for every journey traveling fuel consumption, average fuel consumption for a long time, the lowest fuel consumption and record fuel consumption. Intuitive understanding of the current driving skills, to avoid the confusion of pure technical data list. Control of vehicle traveling data recorder with hd and statistical functions, long-term consumption ranked during the month focused on car rankings change, in the PK with hd vehicle traveling data recorder for intermediate users to improve driving behavior. 4. Multi-angle vehicle maintenance health check: according to the auto industry OBD II agreement the comprehensive technology on the vehicle manual detection, provide scientific basis for timely detection, eliminate hidden dangers, to avoid car is ill for a long time. Maintenance: maintenance records, maintenance reminding function to the owner of car maintenance cycle, maintenance content, maintenance cost can accomplish know fairly well. Violation: when using the product for the first time to fill out a complete vehicle information, illegal information using push told that from tedious input, query operation process. Control of vehicle traveling data recorder hd BUG fix: 1. Repair 2 flow format. Traffic official top-up card point and 3 point greater access to the same page. 4 road image upload optimization. 5 physical examination process optimization. Traffic to buy address change of 6. Traffic limit state, the remote watching live is prohibited
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