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Hd intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder

by:Huihang     2020-03-21
Hd intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder hd intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder as the Internet, networking and the vigorous development of artificial intelligence, no longer pay more attention to the price of hardware and contest, more is intelligent positioning software hardware upgrade progress of friendly degree to improve the user experience. Da - great as an intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder software research and development company focused on the development of intelligent software, also very pay attention to the choice of hardware and design application, after all, artificial intelligence is the combination of hardware and software, and supplement each other, be short of one cannot. Full hd intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder and mobile wireless TVB hd video transmission | mobile phones watch the preview and playback | synchronous driving track 1. M6 built-in WiFi module, and mobile wireless directly connected, mobile phone to watch and download videos. 2. After phone installed focused on App can direct point-to-point wireless connection M6 video cameras, consumes no traffic. 3. M6 start automatically after ignition loop video and track record, and stored in the built-in TF card. Line direct data transmission is more simple in addition to the wifi connection to download, mini3 more equipped with the interface and the USB cable, USB transmission line direct computer, plug and play, second download speed, large data more convenient. Built-in eMMC5. 1 store updated technology, better record will eMMC5 innovative hd intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder. 1 is stored directly on the machine, one pace reachs the designated position, electricity use, there will be no card is not compatible, reading and writing number more than 5000 times, about 10 times of traditional TF card, more up to 50 MB/s read and write speed, real-time viewing, preview, download the video faster BuKa, vibration, critical moment data more secure. Remote capture, the drive can also be a key record hd intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder along the third generation wireless photo button, can be a key photographed and recorded before and after the capture of 10 seconds 5 seconds short video, photo and short video can be WiFi synchronous to the phone at any time, from the beautiful scenery along the way and emergency can have his own records, more can be won't directly or clips, casually share to WeChat, weibo and hd intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder 'on the road' community and other social networks. Remote capture, mobile intelligent synchronous hd intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder creative design car remote control picture button, press can be remote-controlled camera taking pictures, photos and associated 10 seconds 5 seconds before and after a short video can be downloaded to mobile phones, let along the way scenery is no longer escape. Hd intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder of the second generation remote picture button, lower power consumption, use longer, and increases the light indication, operation experience is preferred. Easier album editing and sharing the thrilling event, wonderful work on the road traffic accident, funny moments, driving the beautiful scenery of course cannot take, choose any photo and video in the App photo albums, can direct the beautiful or clips, optional share the focused & quot; On the road & quot; Community or WeChat, weibo and other social networks. Mobile phone APP wirelessly, update the experience, wanted to see it hd intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder also built-in WiFi module, without flow directly with mobile wireless connection, directly in the mobile high-definition real-time preview, download the video on the screen, drag the progress bar can convenient video playback. A wonderful journey comfortable sharing in addition to the social networks can be directly on the hd intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder to share photos and video of my trip, we will also track in each period of the journey, integrate the information such as location, photos on a mobile phone, with the mood and stories on the road, can be in QQ WeChat generated on the road, a bit can generate a complete road, casually share to various social platform. Continued ascension of the image quality and user experience, we constantly listen to users comments and Suggestions, and continuously updated hd intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder and camera firmware, continuously optimize image quality and provide new features, new style. Can through the website of news of great community, WeChat public number, official weibo, QQ online customer service, and other channels of communication and feedback.
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