Professional production EL panel products for 15 years

How about the application prospect of el panel manufacturers produced by Huihang?
El panel manufacturers has many features that warrant popularization and application from its own field. Its industry is enormous and growing every day. The industry still has a great deal of space for it to grow.

Shenzhen Huihang Electronic Co.,ltd wins wide el panel market share with the unique advantage of custom led panel. The led vest series is widely praised by customers. The manufacturing of Huihang sound activated light up mask requires different high efficient testing tools. It will be checked for electric performance by virtue of a test pen, cable fault locator, electric screwdrivers, and thermistor detector. The product generates a dynamic effect and can enliven the atmosphere. The product is able to keep pace with ever-changing demands of customers and is ready for widespread use. It is characterized by proper brightness, which can attract people within a certain distance.

In the face of new challenges and opportunities, shenzhen huihang electronic co.,Ltd will stick to the business principle of led rave mask.
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