Professional production EL panel products for 15 years

How did the partners speak of Huihang?
The company partners such as material suppliers and product buyers all talk highly of Shenzhen Huihang Electronic Co.,ltd. We provide assistance through the material check and make payment to material suppliers in time. The product delivery is carried out as planned and in order, making sure the on-time shipping and goods in great terms.

Huihang has gained high status for its led t shirt by the advantage of led t shirt. The sound activated mask series is widely praised by customers. Huihang el wire lights has to pass a series of tests. They include mechanical strength test, resistance to heat and fire test, overload protection test, etc. It can add an attractive atmosphere to the scene. The product has compatibility with living tissue or a living system by not being toxic, injurious, or physiologically reactive and not causing immunological rejection. It has been approved by CE, RoHS, FCC, and other international certifications.

Custom led panel is the solid responsibility of shenzhen huihang electronic co.,Ltd for the public. Inquire online!
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