Professional production EL panel products for 15 years

How many people in Huihang R&D department?
El flashing equipment R&D has become the heart of our firm from the start. We bring together a set of R&D abilities to make trusted products, services and systems which help enhance the level of your business. Our development activities are closely associated with our marketplace concerns.

Shenzhen huihang electronic co.,Ltd is the dominant el panel supplier. The led vest series is widely praised by customers. The development of Shenzhen Huihang Electronic Co.,ltd light up t shirt incorporates various advantages. It is developed with a wider input voltage range, high electromagnetic compatibility, good insulation performance, and surge endurance capacity. It functions well even under high or low temperature. The product is durable in use. The use and abuse testing of this product are available to verify that it can be collected for a long time. The product generates a dynamic effect and can enliven the atmosphere.

Shenzhen huihang electronic co.,Ltd adheres to the core values of custom led panel and has long been adhering to the strategy of sustainable development. Please contact.
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