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In-car navigation vehicle traveling data recorder

by:Huihang     2020-03-25
Navigation with vehicle traveling data recorder is a very small vehicle traveling data recorder application, it provides users with convenient intelligent driving record function, through the mobile phone can record the process of driving, the user fast track vehicles driving by the software, the life of driving for the user to offer help. Navigation with vehicle traveling data recorder is introduced: the navigation with a vehicle traveling data recorder is an efficient and practical vehicle traveling data recorder. Can watch recorder real-time video, at the same time, you can download the video and take photos, looking at history, compared with the traditional vehicle traveling data recorder, operation more convenient. Navigation with vehicle traveling data recorder can control vehicle traveling data recorder. Control start/stop recording, take pictures, set parameters, see the video playback, pictures, etc. Navigation with vehicle traveling data recorder is a very useful vehicle traveling data recorder, mainly used together with hardware devices, support surveillance video on your mobile phone to check the detailed video and photos, support, quashing history video can also remote control and Settings. Can view the historical journey, can manage the video and photos. Navigation with vehicle traveling data recorder is a record of driving conditions and convenient tool, the user can record in the process of driving fun, beautiful scenery along the way, in the case of traffic accident can provide favorable evidence, and take up phone memory is not big, will not bring burden to mobile phones. Is the necessary drivers driving mobile applications. Navigation with the function of vehicle traveling data recorder: 1. In real time to check the vehicle traveling data recorder the current page, and video control equipment status and take photos; 2. Video video playback devices, and can be deleted and downloaded to mobile phones; 3. View the mobile end data, photos and video, and can be deleted; 4. Wifi seamless mobile and vehicle traveling data recorder; 5. The configuration parameters of vehicle traveling data recorder, such as white balance and HDMI output, etc. 6. 7 to share experiences on the road, the exchange interaction. After charging connection line automatically start the video; Disconnect the charging line stop video 8 after 10 seconds. Each video file for 3 minutes. Loop video, automatically overwrite the old file 10. Collision induction function: after the collision is detected, the video file is moved to retain folder, prevent covered 11. Keep the files in the folder up to 10 vehicle-mounted navigation with vehicle traveling data recorder features: 1. Easily save essence video to mobile phone and check at any time, as they share. 2. Emergency video fast rendering, quickly restore key field. 3. Vehicle navigation vehicle traveling data recorder with convenient wireless access, just in the APP fingers sliding. 4. Breakthrough time axis to visit historical video, light direct you want. 5. More racketeer safeguard. Navigation with vehicle traveling data recorder update: 1. Add custom video player to play the recorder, video, improve the compatibility, prevent some mobile phone can't play the recorder video 2. Optimize mobile connectivity and equipment to improve the connection speed and stability;
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