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In the rearview mirror prevent dazzle function

by:Huihang     2020-05-09
Within this bring you a rearview mirror prevent dazzle function, a very practical monitoring camera recording software, can photograph: put the phone on the motor bracket can be automatically camera, and automatically with geography and speed on video, video playback synchronous display speed; Can upload your route to the Internet, share your experience with your friends; Use is very simple, just open the GPS and connected network. Rearview mirror prevent dazzle function within the official introduction: prevent dazzle function inside the rearview mirror is a and entity equipment form a complete set of application software, the rearview mirror can prevent dazzle function of intelligent monitoring, record your driving record, suitable for a variety of scenarios in everyday life, let you can check their schedule and review related events anytime and anywhere, to improve the safety factor of the owner and practical function, life can still guard against theft, emergency, accident prevention. In the rearview mirror prevent dazzle function is a most professional records and convenient tool for driving conditions, and to owners, in the process of vehicle driving record of fun along the way, beautiful scenery, provide favorable evidence when one thousand traffic accidents; Will record change in all kinds of data on the vehicles, including automatic calculation of oil consumption, the speed of driving, how long driving, driving overspeed time, driving the how many kilometers, etc. Within the main functions of the rearview mirror prevent dazzle function: in the rearview mirror glare resistant to cooperate in the rearview mirror to use prevent dazzle function, can realize the seamless connection anywhere at any time between people and cars, and can be applied in a variety of scenarios, for drivers and passengers more interesting, more wisdom, more convenient, more human nature the perfection of life experience. 1, support WiFi connection and control in the rearview mirror prevent dazzle function 2, support mobile phone remote connection through the network and control in the rearview mirror prevent dazzle function 3, the internal rearview mirror anti glare function support WiFi TF storage driving records for preview, playback and download 4, support WiFi, and method of remote prevent dazzle function inside the rearview mirror lens to rotate 360 degrees remote control 5, support, paparazzi photos and 10 s short video, manage and share in the rearview mirror and preventing blinding function characteristics is introduced: the inside rearview mirror prevent dazzle function video record traffic location (at the same time Need to open the positioning function) When video support voice recorded a video resolution can be adjust video quality can be adjusted ( The higher the quality, take up the space is larger) Video storage location can be set to support at any time just shoot video playback support video playback showed when the content of the time and date support recording according to the date and time keep separate support video synchronous record location, speed, etc. No leaks, no virus, absolutely authentic is available. In the rearview mirror prevent dazzle function: powerful support driving speed, fuel consumption, distance and the time display. Connection on-board computer can display the motor load, battery voltage, coolant temperature and fuel level, such as data, also support the speeding alert and emergency function of speed dial is very professional. Accidentally collision by others to your car, the rearview mirror inside emergency video recording function, provides strong evidence for you, never afraid of the meet crash the party. In the rearview mirror glare resistant features: 1. Open the software automatically record the video of driving. 2. Support emergency call function practical and convenient. 3. Record video support iso manual adjustment. 4. Recorded video automatically saved, fast and smart. Update: in the rearview mirror anti glare function. Optimization of traffic information display computer data. 2. More intelligent rapid optimization of emergency video recording effect. 3. Achieve more information driving computer data exchange and sharing. In the rearview mirror prevent dazzle function by shenzhen da - band technology co. , LTD. , independent research and development, and integration of independent communication module, 360 degree panoramic camera, remote control APP, specially add 'cool, light social' function. Owners can use the APP internal rearview mirror prevent dazzle function for remote operation, control camera rotate 360 degrees look around, see the car and the surrounding conditions at any time. At the same time bring communication module and portable WIFI function, can provide live and convenient function of social sharing. On driving record browse and security, aiming at the experience of the rearview mirror prevent dazzle function inside a lot of optimization, the rearview mirror prevent dazzle function support map model of driving records and emergency broadcast quickly, without having to take card can quickly restore the scene of the accident.
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