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inexpensive led caps manufacturer for club

Inexpensive led caps manufacturer for club

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Huihang's el panel light is widely used in multiple industries and fields.Huihang is committed to providing customers with high-quality el panel manufacturers as well as one-stop, comprehensive and efficient solutions.
Company Advantages
1. Huihang sound activated hat is manufactured covering a few stages. It goes through the materials cutting, cleaning, molding, shaping, buffing, and finishing stages.
2. This product has strong colorfastness. In order to improve the fastness under the scorching sun, washing and rubbing conditions, mixed dyes are often used to cause complex chemical reactions to increase their fastness.
3. Shenzhen Huihang Electronic Co.,ltd receives a double reputation from customers and the market and enjoyed a high popularity.

Company Features
1. Shenzhen Huihang Electronic Co.,ltd is dedicated to producing best led caps and expanding wider market.
2. Our work team are experts who have been experienced in el caps field for years.
3. Shenzhen Huihang Electronic Co.,ltd aims to provide customers with high-performance, professional and agile services. Please contact us! Our led caps can meet customers for different positioning and requirements of led caps. Please contact us!

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Far infrared dry-steaming
Negative ion breeze
Ozone bacteria-killing system
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 The physiological effect of far infrared spa capsule

1. Improve the physiological oxidation and reduction, remove the redundant fat,and 

    keep fit.

2. Save your energy, not like the exercise does.

3. Heat preservation effect can maintain your body in a balanced nutrition.

4. Speed up perspiration and fat metabolism(your body should have enough water 

    supply) as well as the re-movement of poison, heavy metal, waste, etc.

5. Stimulate physiological function, intensify the hormone and enzyme.

6. Build up your health, release fatigue.

7. Physiotreatment with muscular and nerval ailments, relieve liver tension and pain.

8. Prevent the spread of tumors.

9. Release pain and diminish inflammation.

10.Regenerative function. 

Product Description

This is the perfect combination of colored light,fragrance medical therapy with electronic technology ,traditional chinese philosophy and the essence of western science and technology.Being in this magic cabin,your heart and soul will be just like flying in the enormous universe,while improving the metabolism by the resonance massage of fat cells with infrared rays; or even immersed in the forest full of anions and vitality,remolding your skin thoroughly.


The function infrared 
It's a kind of electromagnetic wave, an intense radioactive ray with longer wavelength than the visible light on the spectrum. The near infrared can be used in food processing, vehicle painting, cooking, while the far infrared is particularly suitable for physiotherapy. It can be obtained only if light is accompanied with heat.
What the relationship between the far infrared and health
A. Improve blood circulation and metabolism.
B . Relieve pain due to the heat on the nerve endings.

1. Improve the physiological oxidation and reduction, remove the redundant fat,and keep fit.2. Save your energy,not like the exercise does.
3. Heat preservation effect can maintain your body in a balanced nutrition.
4. Speed up perspiration and fat metabolism(your body should have enough water supply) as well as the removement of poison, heavy metal, waste, etc.
5. Stimulate physiological function, intensify the hormone and enzyme.
6. Build up your health, release fatigue.
7. Physiotherapy with muscular and nerval ailments, relieve liver tension and pain.
8. Prevent the spread of tumors.
9. Release pain and diminish inflammation.
10.Regenerative function. 


1.The Far infrared Therapy:

Infrared lights can act on the subcutaneous adipose,improve the combination of lipid and oxygen(burning excess fat and exporting liquefied lipid through sweat glands,20-30 min radiation and pulse synchronization physiotherapy equals to consumption of 600 caloricity, amounting to running for 10,000 meters. Temperature in Capsule can reach to 90°,which can accelerate lymph circulation, eliminate toxin and dropsy).proved by medicine ,it has good effects in curing Arthritis and Rheumatism,etc.
2. Chromotherapy:
It uses specific light sources which can emanate colorful light to improve the metabolism and improve skin condition
The colored light waves form particular light source can stimulate the metabolism of cells, remove skin diseases based on the brand new concept of optical therapy.

3.Negative Ions facial wind:
It uses anion to improve the metabolism and improve skin flexibility and activate nerve and muscle tissue.
By intaking the multifunctional essential oil through the releasing outlet can get the effects of curing boay and mind
Different kinds of essences of plants through the essence outlet are taken in to the internal organs, gaining physical and spiritual curative effects.

5. Ozone sterilization system:
It can clean deep dirt , sweep internal harmful heavy metal materials .  Thoroughly cleansing the tiny pores, getting rid of the toxic heavy metals.  

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