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Intelligent 4 g rearview mirror

by:Huihang     2020-04-27
Intelligent 4 g rearview mirror is a vehicle traveling data recorder tools mobile applications, mainly with data recorder, the user can view real-time surveillance video here and trajectory playback, you can view and share photos and video, favorite friends to booking experience! Smart about 4 g rearview mirror: dispatch intelligent 4 g rearview mirror with 4. 3 'blu-ray anti-dazzle high-definition LCD screen, equipped with 170 ° to the super wide Angle, wide view panoramic scene video and monitoring. At the same time also can stop monitoring 24 hours a day. 1920 x1080p high-definition, make the image more reliable and stable, in terms of convenience, practicability and maneuverability eye-opening. Intelligent 4 g rearview mirror is intelligent cloud full hd vehicle traveling data recorder based on WIFI mobile applications, is an entirely new way of connection of vehicle traveling data recorder. Through road guest, can connect vehicle traveling data recorder for video preview, playback, pictures and video downloads, can also be favorite photo sharing on social networks. Intelligent 4 g rearview mirror function: 1. After connected to the on-board computer, can display the motor load, battery voltage, such as coolant temperature and fuel level data. 2. Support the driving speed, fuel consumption, engine load, engine oil temperature and other practical work shows. 3. At the same time support speed dial speeding alerts and emergency function is very professional. 4. But the car collision, the inside of the vehicle traveling data recorder emergency video recording function, provides strong evidence for you. 5. Mobile phone in real time to watch the camera preview image. 6. Phones playback and downloading video cameras recorded video. 7. Mobile video cameras, video control. Intelligent 4 g rearview mirror features: 1. Support emergency call function practical and convenient. 2. Record video support iso manual adjustment. 3. Recorded video automatically saved, fast and smart. 4. Open the software automatically record the video of driving. 5. Broadcast live. Through road passenger after connecting vehicle traveling data recorder, can broadcast live are currently recorded content; 6. View the content. Support through music road passenger management and check the recorder photographs and video; 7. Share a key. Support the favorite photo sharing to the social network. 8. Preview the playback. Supported by le way guest to preview the vehicle traveling data recorder playback; Intelligent 4 g rearview mirror update: 1. Software update optimization 2 interface. Three new features, UI optimization. 4 improve the user experience. Optimize the player playback performance, playback smoother 5. More stable process optimization of attachment, the attachment 6. Operation more stable intelligent 4 g rearview mirror is for vehicle traveling data recorder mobile client, can use mobile phone in real time to watch the camera preview images, control using mobile phone, video cameras, video and other service function, make your life more colorful!
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