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Intelligent on-board vehicle traveling data recorder captured road clan wonderful work process

by:Huihang     2020-04-09
'Road rage' refers to the driver on the road in the emotion, aggression and confrontation or angry behavior, such as opening curses, hit hostile gestures, or deliberately driving unsafe way, poses a security threat to both to people. Afternoon, July 28 in xiaolan town, zhongshan city, guangdong province, a driver's road rage hit, unexpectedly like crazy, even the car collision six times. The more cars in the road, a white Volkswagen car acceleration lane, making the car collision. But white Volkswagen car driver get off, suddenly angry after jumping on a car, kick windscreen, the daughters of the car with the co-pilot also cursed. This is not over yet, this man has turned around the car, after repeated collision car up to six times. Among them, there is also a mean to hit off the car driver. Rear-end collision can be regarded as accidents, but if a car deliberately turned crash, belong to intentional crimes. According to the reporter learned that, in the video the man or the crash will be penalties. In fact, the phenomenon of road rage in the daily route is very common in life. Reporters found that in the 360 exposure of vehicle traveling data recorder APP platform has many netizens have said encountered 'clan'. Road clan made shall not be, remember that rational response to this video in July 4 at 7 o 'clock. Internet users by 360 vehicle traveling data recorder, Monkey King), make a let a person helpless under way clan video. At the same time the netizen says 'brothers help me check, Vehicle owners) He make me all the way '. Can be seen from the video screen, driving a net friend in front of the 'road rage' intentionally slow, and exclusive two lanes, just don't let the car pass, has the serious influence subsequent normal driving of the vehicle. In addition to the above video of this 'road rage' performance, 'clan' because of traffic jam, bad weather, job stress, traffic accident, see other drivers uncivilized driving factors, such as many 'road rage' driver, suddenly take violence and other uncivilized traffic, even illegal activities. So, when the normal driving drivers met 'clan', first of all, be sure to response rationally, to protect its own security and interests is the most important. Civilization driving, do not do 'clan' has a tendency to 'road rage' drivers, when driving, keep calm and happy state of mind. Like in driving, don't put very exciting music, can play some gentle music. At the same time, the interior space to try to open some, don't let a person feel crowded. In the hot weather, open air conditioning, as far as possible can effectively avoid boredom. 'Clan' driving not only brings great risks to the road traffic safety, to their own and others safety brings huge hidden trouble. Of course, there is no 'road rage' driver, my friends, when driving in a normal also want to avoid improper driving, to avoid provoking each other. In addition, can also be equipped with a vehicle traveling data recorder in the car, if necessary, to protect their own rights and interests.
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