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Intelligent rearview mirror chip package online!

by:Huihang     2020-04-19
Intelligent rearview mirror chip is a practical driving record application smart rearview mirror, it can be very convenient to capture any details of 360 no dead Angle can also automatically on standby for a long time, someone or abnormal condition will only seconds away, is a very simple and safe intelligent recorder equipment. Intelligent rearview mirror chip package is the application of a new intelligent rearview mirror, it can be very convenient record all kinds of traffic accident, also can timely prevent dangerous, more can record all kinds of interesting things. A real-time route record client applications, captured through intelligent rearview mirror can be 360 degrees of freedom view, traffic navigation easier to owners, the most important thing is that smart rearview mirror will automatically connect, does not need complex operations, is very simple. Intelligent rearview mirror chip solution features: special intelligent rearview mirror APP is mainly used for collocation, to realize the remote video watching, interactive community platform and a series of functions. Users can remotely through qq things united pattern implementation and APP proximal connected devices, instant share the current car, in perfect condition the position and movement track. A key snapped and stop monitoring function is greatly enhanced look for demand in the field of security. Finally, community interaction platform, allows users to better share the excitement of driving. Smart rearview mirror chip solutions: 1. Easy to use, security forensics 2. Interface is simple and beautiful, green 3 free for life. Wide Angle, night vision, image stabilization, electricity province 4. Can the freedom to choose circulation coverage and shoot length, flow province intelligent rearview mirror chip features: connect: users can through the phone, under the mode of equipment directly connected smart rearview mirror, watch the real-time video. Navigation: APP integrate maps and navigation components, users can directly use the APP for navigation and map location video download: users can download equipment of instant photo and video sharing APP bring communities, users can freely share pictures and video, in the process of driving and talk to each other and can share to other public platform for the current version, optimal operation logic, use more convenient and simple. A smart rearview mirror, easy to use interface allows evidence owner easily record in the middle of the road traffic accident is to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the driver, at the same time, also can record of fun along the way, beauty, travel easy from now on.
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