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Intelligent rearview mirror GPS vehicle-mounted navigation online!

by:Huihang     2020-04-25
Intelligent rearview mirror GPS vehicle-mounted navigation online! Developed countries, intelligent rearview mirror GPS vehicle-mounted navigation has been a very mature system, as long as the customer need, you can install the system in his car. In the United States and Western Europe, only factory equipped with high-grade car navigation; Mid-range models after the user the option or car to buy. Accompanying the electronic map is to cover the entire North America and Europe union area. Japan's intelligent rearview mirror GPS vehicle-mounted navigation development is a leading global. At present already can be installed on the cheap models, more than 80% of the new car is equipped with on-board navigation. Comes with a nationwide electronic map content is very rich. Characteristic of the quasi 3 g wireless communication network that drivers can achieve broadband Internet access in the car, so Japan has achieved almost all urban road information in real time. Intelligent rearview mirror GPS vehicle-mounted navigation will be adjusted according to road information real-time driving route, can reduce the journey time already so, also can help the traffic administrative department of the adjustment of traffic, kill two birds with one stone. With the development of Chinese auto industry, auto electronic market gradually mature, consumers also more and more pursuit of convenient and practical, according to the trend, the domestic some well-known automobile manufacturers, such as faw, no. 2, Shanghai Volkswagen and gm have in luxury cars or ordinary cars, general intelligent rearview mirror GPS car navigation systems as standard plan and action. Intelligent rearview mirror GPS vehicle navigation system is mainly composed of host, display, keyboard, Remote control) And the antenna. It implements digital intelligent navigation field reconnaissance, travel trip. It has accurate maps and geographic information, clear path. Application of global clock timing, never blind area, free satellite resources more users follow one's inclinations, chang heart. A variety of data and information, coordinates, sailing sailing distance, time, location, yaw Angle, yaw distance, the default alarm. Whether you in the boundless example grassland, wild flowers fragrance, castle peak valley streams ding-dong, bustling noisy city, he can make you swim in the work, accurate to arrive at any time. Because of the huge market potential and immeasurable prospects for development, Japan almost all automobile manufacturers took part in the high-tech, only in recent years on the market of the new system has more than 30. Such as Japan's Honda, nissan, Honda, Mazda, mitsubishi, panasonic, pioneer, alpine and kenwood company has developed its own navigation products. The rest of the world developed countries such as America, Germany, the Netherlands, in an attempt to gain a foothold in the market. At present in Europe, philips, Siemens intelligent rearview mirror GPS car navigation system in 1995 has been used on Renault and fiat, popular civilian vehicles; The Mercedes - S series, BMW - 7 series. Since 1994, factory assembled vehicles have smart rearview mirror GPS car navigation systems listed in the options list. Intelligent rearview mirror GPS navigation in the development of domestic first to enter the domestic market of GPS as a professional tool, application more resourceful forestry, agriculture, electricity, water, oil, ocean, geology, national defense, transportation, environmental protection, meteorology, urban construction and other industries, but with the approach of the digital life, GPS is becoming more and more close to our daily work and life. People start in the outdoor club, photographic equipment, IT electronic products meet all kinds of GPS store consumer products, even the car dealership, 4 s shops also more and more see GPS car electronic product - Smart rearview mirror GPS vehicle navigation. At present, our country has been emerging in the GPS professional players, most of them are outdoor sports and cars off-road enthusiasts. These users can understand traffic through intelligent rearview mirror GPS vehicle-mounted navigation direction, thus replacing the traditional altimeter, can also display information such as altitude. By GPS satellite signal on computation, can measure the specific speed. For those who love the outdoors, car GPS cross-country fans that they will never upset for the lost, because the GPS navigator allows drivers to travel a lot. Smart rearview mirror GPS vehicle-mounted navigation provides full voice prompt, drivers do not need to observe the display could realize the whole process of navigation, make driving more safe and comfortable. With the advent of the era of human science and technology, intelligent rearview mirror GPS car navigation system gradually shows its strong vitality and broad application prospects, market potential is tremendous. Intelligent rearview mirror GPS vehicle navigation system will become the people leisure, entertainment, adventure travel indispensable necessary tools, leading the fashion consumer market.
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