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Intelligent rearview mirror new platform conference

by:Huihang     2020-04-22
Car union world think enjoy life: intelligent rearview mirror new platform conference on April 8, 2015, in shenzhen nanshan firm sinovac science park international conference center, organized by shenzhen up to the newsletter weiye technology co. , LTD. 'car world, mentally enjoy live' smart rearview mirror product launches attracted industry more than 400, more than 20 famous media to report. Field all chi technology co. , LTD. Department general manager li zhi, sound cloud know Liang Jiaen chairman, association founded division digital technology co. , LTD. Yi Zhou waiting to attend the meeting and delivered a speech. 'Safety car entertainment live' as the organizers of the event, shenzhen da - weiye science and technology, chairman of the board of directors of the company, says Mr, this is a car networking practice way of the entrepreneurs of idealism is a car networking technology era, the era of science and technology everything from life, everything is in order to more close to life. In the process of speech, Mr, in many ways an example of intelligent car rearview mirror will become indispensable network terminal equipment, the actuality of smart rearview mirror, Mr. , told reporters: 'smart rearview mirror is by far the most lack the user experience, product stability is poor, then there is lack of high quality products. 'Facing the future rearview mirror market, Mr, interesting said:' the future of the rearview mirror product will make the concept of life, safety, entertainment, car advocate one like road, the intelligent point of view, and hope to achieve from passive to active safety security; From the aspects of entertainment to a state of I choose I like. '' garage, volunteers in the future' all volunteers division general manager Mr Li zhi is currently hot car networking craze about their ideas, and proposed based on the current situation of car use environment suitable for the use of intelligent rearview mirror product must possess dual, intelligent, navigation, wifi, electronic dog, music, adas algorithm, and other functions, and to understand the current V10 and V18 platform, said more put forward the unique road, not driving concept, summed up the future intelligent rearview mirror will become clearer and more intelligent and more interconnected. 'Car life, intelligent audio sound cloud know CTO and chairman Mr Liang Jiaen as special guests attended the activities of this conference, more than 400 guests and the current of' Internet + 'has carried on the explanation, is equal to the smart car networking, Internet + car so smart car networking brings us is driving safer and more information on Internet and communication service, also makes our life more convenient, travel more and more security, indicating the people interaction, voice is the best way. 'People, cars, things, interconnectivity' association founded product manager Yi Zhou said safe, quick and simple is a trend, voice control + voice laid the experience of intelligent online, and detailed analyses the iot furniture interconnection, and elaborated the present industry more profit point. Conference, the reporter saw the peak of news cause marketing director Mr Demonstration of voice rearview mirror, the personalized UI interface, shows the intelligent rearview mirror to achieve the function such as music, make a phone call, bluetooth, navigation, and introduce the latest WeChat positioning ZhaChe function, the intelligent rearview mirror new platform on the day of release has security seamless leave no dead Angle, front and rear double road, no leakage seconds. Through a series of live demonstration, the guest has just released a new platforms are full of expectation. Product platform in order to let the guest know more about the car and entertainment life, of cause also set up special experience zone, guests experience, gives a big round of applause. Have said, for great confidence to develop a new platform, and intelligent rearview mirror market is filled with hope for the future. ( Tea breaks and the product experience time) ( Tea breaks and the product experience time) Conclusion: it is well known: intelligent rearview mirror is not a new product, it is the vehicle traveling data recorder, car navigation, reverse image of the automobile electronic form a kind of brand-new, because product novel and unique, quickly after the car in the consumer electronics market in some areas. However, the market demand is far not only such, accurate, efficient and entertainment with Normandy color, more let people having sought after! For some manufacturers, however, shenzhen up to the newsletter weiye technology co. , LTD on the intelligent rearview mirror has he or she wants to say. First of all, is a professional intelligent software research and development of the newsletter of great enterprise, has a professional r&d team, more than one hundred people on the skills to win. Experience from the announcement of a new product, we can deeply feel that, up to the newsletter achievements in research and development on this intelligent software home gourmets alike, co-founder liu told reporters that 'the future we will provide a better user experience, to provide better customer service, we will continue to the continuation of' safety, entertainment, car life 'concept! 'Car networking era has come, intelligent rearview mirror best access to the Internet as a product, its development potential is immeasurably, we look forward to of the newsletter can cause in the' Internet + 'glory in this wave, promote the development of China's auto market after the fast forward. Copyright and reproduced statement: all rights reserved, reprint please indicate the source.
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