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Intelligent rearview mirror system

by:Huihang     2020-04-20
Intelligent rearview mirror system a super practical mobile intelligent driving records. Smart rearview mirror recorded in all road traffic system help owners, no longer confused, for unknown video racketeer, on which all accident. Smart rearview mirror system function: 1, the background to monitor USB disconnect and connect, open the program and close automatically, availability of driving automatic startup, shut down automatically shut down. 2, set free, full automation, no manual manipulation. 3, video voice prompt, more humanized. 4, out of memory, the system automatically cut. 5, recording, want how how to record the record. 6, video playback, temporary storage, preservation, you have the final say. 7, video superposition of time no longer confused, for unknown video racketeer, on which all accident. 8, subverts the traditional vehicle traveling data recorder control way, bring you new experience. 9, can be in the vehicle traveling data recorder video downloaded to mobile phones, in their spare time to see the beauty of the route which intelligent rearview mirror system is a coordinate vehicle traveling data recorder hardware devices using cell phone control software. This software through the Wi - Fi connection vehicle traveling data recorder hardware, preview, playback video can directly on the phone, easy to use mobile phone screen to check the content in the vehicle traveling data recorder, and set operation, etc. Intelligent rearview mirror system not only offers a convenient and efficient driving record function, many wireless intercom, online music service, bring you more safe and comfortable travel life. Intelligent rearview mirror system can also as a vehicle driving service software, to provide users with driving records, illegal query, safety warning, limit number query service for your car, building intelligent, convenient car service for the user. It can support mobile phone view video in a vehicle traveling data recorder, anytime and anywhere can also support the picture download and playback to watch, can be anywhere at any time through the application to understand the problems in the process of driving. Through intelligent rearview mirror system, the owner can monitor the trajectory of the car, a key shooting beautiful scenery along the way, the more support to upload photos to each big social networking platform, record the scenery and the scenery along the way! Smart rearview mirror system can help users better record in the process of driving every moment, even if meets the racketeer bad guys we don't need to worry about, a key playback see the truth, let our life become more safe and comfortable travel quality.
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