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Intelligent rearview mirror technology provider blockbuster hit!

by:Huihang     2020-04-24
Intelligent rearview mirror technology providers with hidden vehicle traveling data recorder is a powerful hardware devices using mobile applications, hidden vehicle traveling data recorder via WIFI connection hardware can be used, intelligent rearview mirror technology provider is very convenient, can clearly record the process of driving, to avoid some accident of your endless damage, interconnected, one car is implemented to drive that car brought new enjoy. Intelligent rearview mirror technology provider functions: 1, the mobile real-time view in the recorded video, video playback, download the video. 2, mobile phones. 3, recording switch Settings. 4、WI- FI Settings. 5, ADAS auxiliary driving system of opening and closing, vehicle ahead early warning function, orbit offset system function and so on. Intelligent rearview mirror technology provider five highlights: 1, the original car style, concealed installation according to the original car style building, adopt unique hidden installation method, hidden inside the electric, no exposed wiring harness, and the vehicle style be in harmony are an organic whole, unique upgrade configuration. Reasonable logic system power supply design, no batteries, no additional battery, synchronization with the vehicle on the electric switch machine. 2, Ann bully, high-definition, using Ann bully A7 resolution up to 2304 * 1296 p, refresh the original on the market of 1920 * 1080 p hd records, to the owners to bring in more clear visual enjoyment. State has incomparably superior performance, dark enhancement technique processing, day or night is insurable orthometric quality performance. Around 150 ° to the super wide Angle, front ends to two or morethings clear record, the line of sight no dead Angle. Adopts full wave 6 import lens, F2. Eight large aperture design, ensure that the depth of field in a reasonable scope, let the close and distant license agreement 3, intelligent control, built-in Wi - anytime, anywhere to share intelligence rearview mirror technology providers Fi communication module, can through the phone APP video browsing, video downloads, video sharing, convenient manipulation of the recorder system. 4, private film customization, high-grade fine market more and more car special vehicle traveling data recorder, besides chip solutions is far better than the peer brand, exquisite and smooth the appearance of the custom is slightly better. Using high-end private membrane custom, more in line with the luxury style. 5, strong function, intelligent record intelligent rearview mirror technology providers with orbit offset to remind function, as well as the system built-in G - Instantaneous collision, Sensor of gravity acceleration Sensor, automatic brakes video automatically lock, delete will not be covered. Can also choose to manually backup lock, press the backup button for more than 2 seconds long, video video by locking protection. Open motion detecting function, static images don't write CARDS, intelligent video saved effectively. Segmentation and keep the cycle recording and no leakage seconds, automatically after the expiration of the memory card to cover the earlier before video, storage space is infinite, systems support 32 gb card to record large capacity, strengthening the coverage of product.
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