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Intelligent rearview mirror technology provider rankings released!

by:Huihang     2020-04-24
Intelligent rearview mirror technology provider rankings, the first kneel down! Intelligent rearview mirror technology provider rankings recently jianghu widely circulated, shenzhen (weiye technology co. , LTD. , the new smart rearview mirror to its star level night vision effect dominates wulin, causing various wulin hero onlookers. Intelligent rearview mirror night vision effect is true as the legend of force to coax cattle, or just a marketing gimmick, with doubt small make up to come in person. Fate of star level night vision effect is to let you have to kneel down to say intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder, even smartphones currently on the market do star night vision is just a handful of big brands specializing in photography. Starlight night vision imaging hd, broken fog rain penetration is extremely strong, have no light to night, the night as the day is really no exaggeration. Small make up a line of people wait until after dark to installed the smart rearview mirror test drive out, specially selected a period of no street lamp lighting effect weaker sections. X93 compared with mobile phone taken effect at night, Street lamp) X93 compared with mobile phone taken effect at night, No street lamp) X93 compared with mobile phone taken effect at night, All black underground garage) No comparison, no harm! Test using real-time synchronization, iphone6 imaging effect a contrast degree awarded as expected. Below the picture above is the footage of intelligent rearview mirror, is a camera phone picture. Details can be seen from the picture smart rearview mirror light noise is processed, quality effect is obvious. Then the car came to the dark path, the only car headlights became the biggest source, then mirror X93 still no pressure reduction road conditions, mobile phone almost only see stars a little light. Continue to drive to the underground garage all black. Absolutely! Intelligent rearview mirror incredibly night such as day, and the image is dark a what also can't see. A test, small make up can't help but want to say dirty words. Dear this night vision is to the rhythm of the fate of ah, the high-end mobile phones don't even with Tony. Has to the naked eye can't see the front was, mobile phones, present a black, a mirror it was god reduction road conditions, a clear let you can't believe it really is a night. Small make up this bottom is true. Offline speech voice control, ADAS power to crush though strong enough to make intelligent rearview mirror to see the tail up to heaven, but you don't know is that it also has two core function offline speech acoustic and ADAS system use. So 'ecomax' bold skill is no burden more. Offline voice acoustic voice control technology in the field of intelligent rearview mirror is hardly worth the selling point of carrying out separate said. But we all know that the vast majority of the voice control function of intelligent rearview mirror is connected to the Internet, open flow for a long time just want to say 'can't afford to hurt! 'The signal is bad or reach of the network coverage, the heart is really tired. Offline voice acoustic control through the background data support, the use of speech technology, converting speech input recognition to text, let local offline voice packet instead the cloud server capabilities. Thoroughly get rid of the intelligent voice control dependence on the network. Small make up under the conditions of closed network test speech recognition accuracy and sensitivity, and online voice almost no differences, almost all the functions can be performed to sell. But if you need to live traffic navigation, suggest or networking operation. ADAS real-time warning smart rearview mirror ADAS advanced auxiliary driving system includes: vehicle collision warning, lane departure warning, if there are any dangerous distance and orbital migration, will send out the corresponding prompt and interface will be identified by color box. The accuracy of the small make up test is mainly focused on the identification of the vehicles ahead. When test car vehicles near the forwards, the system will according to you and estimates the relative velocity of the vehicle in front of the expected time collision, and through the voice broadcast to remind you that car and keep distance. Intelligent rearview mirror technology providers - Shenzhen da weiye technology co. , LTD. Of intelligent rearview mirror will be excellent star night vision system with active safety driving assistant system fuses in together, the real practice of the 'let every owner in and out of peace' mission. Small make up can be understand why smart rearview mirror bullish with special effects.
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