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Intelligent rearview mirror, which is good

by:Huihang     2020-04-21
In the circumstances, the 'city disease' smart rearview mirror development in recent years, much consumer interest owners. City disease refers to the urban population, industrial, transportation, the disadvantages caused by excessive concentration, was frequently mentioned by the media in recent years, which is closely related to our way to the traffic problem. On the one hand, the city car many people, especially in the morning and evening rush hour congestion become the norm; On the other hand, due to the limited number of parking Spaces and a 'a' is hard to find. So the owners have to choose to install smart rearview mirror to ensure daily route. The following to analyze the smart rearview mirror to you solution the problem which good: the current domestic intelligent rearview mirror brands on the market is various, but a few technology, high quality brand, mostly in the form of the sham as the genuine, with a less known and inferior brand that makes a lot of want to install smart rearview mirror car prime culprit. Today will give you small make up recommend a really trusted drivers good smart rearview mirror brand - great! Intelligent rearview mirror, which is good? Intelligent rearview mirror, is a set of multifunctional 360 - degree panoramic driving assistant system, it not only have 360 - degree driving record function, let the racketeer hardly possible, but also include precise trajectory, light night vision and 6 d auxiliary driving mode such as a powerful auxiliary function, can significantly improve the safety coefficient of old and new drivers. Intelligent rearview mirror of precise trajectory function, can be used for stabilizing system equipped with ESP body, can in a panoramic view of the driving car screen screen provides real-time servo line, prompts the owner under the current operation anticipation moving track of the vehicle, so as to achieve a more accurate and effective auxiliary driving, further improve the security of driving. Starting from reverse warehousing, side bearing parking or started, precise trajectory can be really have very good auxiliary function, help the owner avoid obstacles to complete stop/start easily. Intelligent rearview mirror, which is good? Not only that, the intelligent rearview mirror business also has a strong light night vision function, and can provide owners with clear views of day and night, even if the night around the car will also be able to accurately grasp the vehicle, security more secure. In addition to news cause also provides near field including 3 d model, 3 d limit, limit stops cliff road, wide dock before, back into the Treasury and lateral parking mode 6 d auxiliary driving mode, help owners easily cope with the common problems in the process of driving. With smart rearview mirror solution - Feats, 360 degrees no dead Angle driving record owners don't have to worry about meet racketeer events, and the precise trajectory, light night vision and auxiliary driving mode, with the help of 6 d will greatly improve the safety coefficient, make it easier to drive at the same time, pay attention to safe driving friends may wish to consider intelligent rearview mirror trader. Now you think smart rearview mirror scheme, which good? With the product to talk!
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