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Intelligent recorder

by:Huihang     2020-04-12
Intelligent recorder is a mobile vehicle traveling data recorder. User if you want to record the beautiful scenery along the way, this software can help users to achieve this requirement, and can also share, share the happiness with others, can be said to be a people having the necessary of mobile phone software. Intelligent recorder is introduced: 1. Intelligent recorder is a vehicle traveling data recorder application, intelligent recorder scheme provides users with convenient driving record function, real-time record user's driving, driving life bring convenience for the user. 2. A video and voice for car driving including convenient navigation software, at the time of traffic accident can provide favorable evidence. 3. Intelligent recorder is one of the most timely road community of real let people driving on the road with the yearning to travel all over the world people road real-time communication platform. 4. Also can be Shared and friends party position, see the location of the friends in real time. 5. Vehicle traveling data recorder is a collection of GPS module and SIM card module function of vehicle data recorder, real-time access to the user in the process of driving all the pictures. 6. Offline intelligent voice voice control, have the pictures of the requested function. Can perform intelligent voice issued instructions. 7. Users in the use of this software, can clearly see their own data, and software with real-time access to the user in the process of driving all the moving images, and you have the function of video playback and live. Intelligent recorder features: 'driving record' violations stop hog recorded at any time, road killer articles 'cash bonus' online insurance namely send cash rewards, real-time visible daily earnings, cash withdrawals at any time 'insurance money reward' drive will make insurance money, gift exchange mall or deductible insurance, and practical 'green travel' really stop 24 hours can obtain green travel raffle, 100% winning 'voice navigation' intelligent voice navigation, personalization, meet your travel needs intelligent recorder features: 1. Turn off the phone screen is allowed in the video, to save battery power. 2. Support the video tag. 3. A real-time map, path, speed, mileage figures show. 4. Allowed to close the screen map, in order to save the network traffic. 5. Video playback support time, speed, location information such as synchronous display. 6. Support the 'mute' and & quot; Night & quot; Recording mode. 7. The friendly operation interface. 8. Recorded in the 'call inbound', automatically save video. After the call, automatic recovery record. 9. Support to keep video camera film. 10. Supports multiple video resolution ( High, medium, low) 。 11. Support line trajectory is derived. 12. You can easily browse and manage your video and route path. 13. Support Wifi export video to your computer. 14. Supports export video includes GPS, time and speed information. 15, video recording, powerful mobile vehicle traveling data recorder, supports real-time video recording hd drive, simple operation, for your travel security escort. 16, broadcast video: will the recording of video playback, review. 17, positioning: the position of the automatic positioning, positioning time, longitude, dimensions, detailed address, etc. Be clear at a glance. 18, search path: have usually map is the most function, route lookup, nearby businesses, location query 19, navigation, such as: automatic positioning starting location, input the destination address can be a key navigation, voice broadcast, live traffic, automatic line planning, and other functions. 20, location sharing: send itself to others, let the family to know their exact whereabouts. Intelligent recorder is intelligent driving behavior score App, with driving behavior score, cell phone driving records, intelligent voice navigation, car insurance online price comparison, and other functions. Intelligent recorder is committed to through the positive incentives, guide users optimize their driving skills, strengthen the consciousness of safe driving and eventually achieve the goal of improve road safety. Intelligent recorder update: 1. New parking reward line 2. Optimizing integral shop, you can now use pay treasure to buy 3. 4 beautification login registration page, simplify the registration process. Add 5 management intelligent recorder lens related function. To improve the speed record, the accuracy of speed 6. Fixed a problem with user feedback of other 7. Update the navigation frame, eight more accurate navigation. Fix some record failure models traffic BUG intelligent recorder gallery module and paparazzi photos module, on the gallery module according to the customer in time to the photo on the platform, and holds a map in the paparazzi photos module search function equipment request to shoot. We can by paparazzi photos module two model to find the equipment, one is online, and the other one is near. If there is a user online in the module, you can to the user request, if there are users nearby, displayed a location on the map, and can select the user, to the user request. The individual center is mainly used to display content personal photographs and personal Settings.
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