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Intelligent small and long distance recorder

by:Huihang     2020-04-18
Intelligent small and long distance recorder is a smart record vehicle images and sound while driving the convenience of artificial intelligence vehicle traveling data recorder, record the fun along the way, beautiful scenery, can also provide evidence for the traffic accident to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the driver. Like making friends, also can use it to record the process of conquer difficulties and obstacles. Intelligent small and long distance recorder features: without networking is concise and practical. Save a intelligent small and long distance recorder memory cycle record. Saves the current record at any time convenient to use. Support GuanBing recorded maximum intelligent small and long distance recorder power saving. Video resolution, video quality and parameters can be set automatically save time, etc. An intelligent small and long distance recorder and record route, synchronous video, record the cost of driving, share route and maintenance experience, bring you unique car experience and full peace feeling. Intelligent small and long distance recorder function introduction: 1, line 1. 1 record route: the application of own map, can record and display your route on the map, it can display information such as speed, distance, time, route can be resumed after pause recording; 1. 2 tags: can insert tags on the map, tags can be moved, can be share with lines; Click on the tag and its information window can edit or delete. 1. 3 route list: show your record of all routes, detailed information; 1. 4 click any line in the list of route, the route can be displayed on the map, also can show the time and speed of the each point; Long press any route, can remove, rename, share, or display speed figure; 1. 5 velocity diagram: the reality each route diagram, the speed of the figure in the middle of the blue line average speed; 1. 6 share: very easily share road map to your friends, click on the map link can see the map and all the information; Share may be retained in the route, but also in the route list long click share. 2, video 2. Video 1: click on the screen is at the top of the video camera button, the video will record the route at the same time, the video recording can be automatic cycle; 2. 2 playback: in the video list can be synchronous playback, video and route can play video, can see on the map the route was again; 3, transport costs 3. Every time 1 fuel consumption: fuel filling tank, unit price, go up and odometer digit, can automatically calculate fuel consumption, fuel consumption value is more accurate than on automobile instrument; 3. Other fees: record transport process of all costs; 3. Roadside: one thousand accident, call the insurance company can be a key, still can send their accurate map location to rescuers, an emergency can also send SMS map location; 3. 4 statistics: statistics car annual total cost, the classification of the oil fee, parking car wash cost, cost chart to track the price trend and maintain; 4, share, 4. 1 share route: very easily share route with their friends; 4. 2 share transport costs and the tail experiences: the car's fuel consumption and mileage can be very easily to share with friends; 4. Evaluation: 3 to 4 s shops, a car, gas stations and the insurance company to evaluate the quality of service, synchronous sharing on the Internet, screening the optimal service quality. Intelligent small and long distance recorder note: 1, record route should be open when the GPS in order to obtain higher positioning accuracy and speed information and ( Compare electricity) , intelligent small and long distance recorder should be visible outside the sky, no metal block or block, a first positioning may need a long time; 2, screen, GPS and video are and power-hungry, recharge intelligent small and long distance recorder, as far as possible when using continuous video intelligent small and long distance recorder fever. Intelligent small and long distance recorder update: 1. Increasing illegal query module, further improve the function of the application. 2. In recording file list of file management, take video first frame image with the function of asynchronous loading, optimizing the performance of the management interface into the file.
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