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Intelligent vehicle navigation recorder

by:Huihang     2020-04-17
Why do cyclists need intelligent vehicle navigation recorder? 1. Maintain the legitimate rights and interests of the Chinese style driving habits and habits, crossing the road leading to frequent traffic accidents, perhaps which day will happen yourself. With a good intelligent vehicle navigation recorder, can put the scene of the accident reduction, protect the favorable evidence. 2. As DV intelligent vehicle navigation recorder as a recording tool, can be like the towns along the drivers to adventure or weird, or the beauty of the scenery, such as rare record one by one, leave a good memory! 3. Urged obey the traffic rules if every car is equipped with an intelligent vehicle navigation recorder, then the equivalent of a huge number of mobile digital, on the road traffic accident responsibility just nowhere to hide, let those ACTS of audacity to change. 4. Waiting for you to find more purposes. 。 。 Why use intelligent vehicle navigation recorder? From owners demand performance and professional, smart phones, intelligent vehicle navigation recorder aspects of comprehensive analysis, after more than two months of research and development and testing, we bring you the performance and practicability of tachographs intelligent vehicle navigation recorder. Five years ago, who would have thought of vehicle traveling data recorder can have so powerful, rivals computer configuration. Intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder performance far exceeds the intelligent mobile phone a few streets. The intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder is larger than a smart phone screen, only 2 general intelligent vehicle navigation recorder. 4 inch screen and the iphone 5 screen is 4 inches. The intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder with map navigation, most of the smart phone no. The intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder before and after the switch video. 。 。 。 。 。 。 At this moment, using a professional and powerful intelligent vehicle navigation recorder, immediately make your networking era in the 21st century car driving way become fashionable and advanced experience. Intelligent vehicle navigation recorder features: low ADAS advanced driving assistance systems in unmanned driving experience under the condition of high cost and underdeveloped, ADAS advanced driving assistant system is a very worth using mature system! Low circulation recording, can set a single file recording length can record video clips of fixed length, easy to find use; When memory card is full automatic cycle cover, effectively save the storage space. Low camera navigation a key switch can switch to the navigation mode, the camera and navigation. Provide a variety of low resolution 480 x360, 640 x480, 1280 x720, 1920 x1080 ( iPhone4s/5) Four resolution built-in closed screen on the camera, if you don't need to visual images, can also close the screen display, both the secret and save electricity. Low to record sound driving environment at the same time of recorded images recorded sound, more complete records the images of driving. Low to proof, image can show the time and date can be combined with the time and date for the recording of the image, after the accident, convenient. Photography photo balance in the main interface, can click on the photo button at any time, convenient and quick. Price, convenient installation, easy to use intelligent vehicle navigation recorder according to installation instructions step, small white can do for yourself! When calling or program into the background, automatic storage video when the accelerator detect shaking, automatic storage low support wireless video sharing, through your computer can direct access to the video and photos when low support video playback screenshots, of course, no pure gold gold, if you run into problems in the process of using or have good advice, please through the intelligent vehicle navigation recorder built-in user feedback and contact us, we really appreciate!
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