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Intelligent vehicle rearview mirror products online at last!

by:Huihang     2020-04-11
Intelligent vehicle rearview mirror products online at last! Of the latest intelligent vehicle rearview mirror product is the intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder based on the android system. This traffic roads, intelligent vehicle rearview mirror to record a driving video site can bring up a point in time, is to avoid the dispute of driving tool! Additional emergency call function, can make a phone call to emergency contact at any time. Intelligent vehicle rearview mirror is shenzhen (weiye technology co. , LTD for the global owners of guaranteed meticulously, safer and cheaper handheld market after the car. It fully consider the actual needs of users, fundamentally solve the pain points after the car market, create extreme experience for the user. Intelligent vehicle rearview mirror basic implementation features: 1. The basic vehicle traveling data recorder video recording and video broadcast 2. The 3 track record of driving. Show the current driving speed 4. Dial emergency number 5. The map shows the current position 6. Increased 7 remote upgrade function. Sensitivity gear is divided into 5 8. To optimize the interface display. Picture monitoring function: this function must be completed by two cell phone a mobile phone is used for monitoring equipment in the car do another cell phone to send text messages to a mobile phone can receive the front of the photo when using two mobile phone number must be entered, one for the images, one for the SMS charge. Intelligent vehicle rearview mirror other function is: 1, I want to standardize the process design, maintenance prevent ailment overhaul; Automatic clearing system, charge be clear at a glance; Electronic records management, convenient and quick query. 2, auto supermarket products after-sales tracking SuoYuan; Professional quality, first-in, first-out. Unified procurement, professional hairpin. 3, my insurance insurance, multi-layer surprise; Insurance reserve, a variety of solutions; A key report, rapid processing; Smart reminder, convenient and considerate. 4, E service generation, generation, generation cost, professional services, a good helper of your life. 5, illegal query at any time to master the car driving conditions; Early warning alert, reduce and avoid illegal, refuse to do. 6, the official product GPS/beidou terminal: electronic fence, real-time positioning, path query, intelligent alarm functions design, make safe with you, make love with you always. Vehicle traveling data recorder: let the racketeer, escort for the security, the record of the anecdote, a better life. 7, driving treasure dian mass base and the latest driving, traffic rules together, elaborate design answer to make you happy learning. 8 and professional information car information, wide range, high gold content, allowing you to enjoy at any time after the car market. Whether car common sense, or cyclists culture, here, you can find the answer. 9, the intelligent vehicle rearview mirror can remote control Wi - Fi vehicle traveling data recorder function: Wi - Fi phone direct, online real-time playback video recording, video recording phone download, real-time recording video to watch. Of the intelligent car rearview mirror - great video security monitoring guards of the cloud service is your sweet, and your family good moments of recorder. Through intelligent vehicle rearview mirror video services cloud platform, intelligent visual doorbell, home or small business network cameras will be your third eye, let you in the mobile terminal can remote view the exception or alarm information, timely and safety protection measures; At the same time, you won't miss their parents, and pet baby any pictures of capture, video, video playback, at any time as a two-way voice dialogue, and share a camera to family members or friends at any time, and so on.
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