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Intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder system on-line!

by:Huihang     2020-04-14
Shenzhen da weiye technology co. , LTD is based on vehicle networking for various industry professional customized applications, covering public security, health care, education and other industries. Include 'public security police carry video instrument' and the cloud will 'take video instrument cloud management platform' the latest digital technology and network technology is applied to the comprehensive public security monitoring system, the transparency of law enforcement. And the 'school bus video instrument' and 'school bus management system' the clouds the GPS /, video monitoring, 3 g mobile terminal technology applied in vehicle scheduling system, let the children more safe, lets the home, the teacher less concerned. 'The ambulance video instrument' and 'wisdom medical cloud management platform' to realize the clouds move 120 emergency medical rescue rescue system of wireless video remote medical treatment. With the continuous development of their, we will provide more industries based on vehicle networking services. Intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder system intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder system for high-performance configuration of definition of vehicle traveling data recorder, WiFi connected with better and more fun. Intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder system also built-in WiFi, direct phone no flow, all the handling of the recorder and preview view, playback, download all could be done on a mobile phone, operation simple and intuitive, say goodbye to the cumbersome and inconvenience. Fluency as multi-function equipment system in intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder, often pure, in the case of multi-threaded operation, so for the optimization of software running, configuration requirements of the machine itself is higher, the back of the horizontal evaluation test, due to poorly equipped, with the 'king' pesticides operations for fluency. Intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder system anti-interference and stability function such as navigation, vehicle traveling data recorder, electronic dog, there are different frequency band signal transmitting and receiving, interference if processes is not good, it is easy to cause false positives, flower screen, affect the car equipment, etc. , as the anti-interference processing technology and the demand is higher, cost at present domestic manufacturer to do this very little, industrial and commercial sampling, every time is more than 90% of the manufacturers, as well as high and low temperature, current voltage protection, etc. , most manufacturers didn't do, summer temperature is very high, inside the car driving environment is complex, the quality is very important. Intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder system 1080 p @ 30 FPS full hd video circulating H MP4 video format. 30 FPS full hd 1080 p @ 264 coding video camera, do not need to open a cellular phone, immediately after the car ignition start loop video, no leakage seconds. Intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder system support 32 gb TF card, card automatic cycle after the expiration of the video, the newer 3 minutes video will automatically overwrite the older 3 minutes video. Intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder system hd video surveillance solutions, high-definition image quality intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder system in hd video monitoring chip solutions, and in view of the low illumination image processing was optimized, reach high quality imaging quality. Monthly release new camera firmware version, and constantly upgrading, constantly optimize image quality. Intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder system mature optical system configuration, clear deformation intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder, 4 million pixels CMOS image sensors, video monitoring level of low illumination and high dynamic range. Intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder system using the six groups of glass lenses glass lens, 1 piece of infrared filter, high light transmittance, high temperature deformation. The lens horizontal Angle of 110 degrees, the diagonal Angle of 140 degrees, F1. 8 aperture, night vision effect is better. Attention to detail, not on rich function configuration, meet the demand of various scenarios. From packaging to the details of each parts, we are building, you will feel the beauty from inner to outer. Intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder system, power is supplied by car charger to connect the ACC parking monitoring, need drop wire, stent built-in step-down module and protection module, temperature without drop line pressing can be directly through the ACC supply parking monitoring function.
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