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Intelligent vehicle vehicle traveling data recorder solution online!

by:Huihang     2020-04-08
Should be all new and old customers demand of news cause intelligent on-board vehicle traveling data recorder solution online! As space is limited, below is only part of the functions and advantages, features and requirements can be customized, welcome everyone to mention demand! Super clear 1296 p good sharpness sharpest detail perfect scene again more true to 170 - degree wide Angle more information comprehensive record at full hd video recording, escalating to optimize the image quality of 1920 x 1080 video | | automatic cycle App to adjust video resolution H MP4 format. 30 FPS full hd 1080 p @ 264 coding format, without having to open the phone, video car ignition immediately after the launch cycle. 32 gb TF card can record 1080 p video about 7 hours, the card is full automatic cycle, after 3 minutes in front of the video will automatically overwrite the old content. Adjustable video resolution. A variety of image processing technology, is not only a smart car vehicle traveling data recorder, is a professional video camera. WDR wide dynamic adaptive digital image stabilization 3 d scene adaptation denoising LDC Demist geometric correction to the fog function of intelligent car driving recorder hardware support WDR wide dynamic, lighter and darker can make clear place, the same picture overexposed or dark light source can be taken out of the high quality image, ensure clear video and photos of each moment, and every detail do not compromise. Night-vision enhancement technology, high quality imaging using huawei haisi high-definition monitor chip solutions, and in view of the low illumination image processing was optimized, achieve high-resolution imaging quality. Cooperate with SONY Exmor CMOS Sensor and F1. Eight large lens aperture, a better night vision effect and high-speed photo clearer image quality. Cloud data sharing human have to step into the era of sharing our real-time share can be a smart car vehicle traveling data recorder first driving real-time Shared the position of the car to relatives, friends, you can also pay attention to your relatives, friends car intelligent automatic real-time share in addition to the manual and share can also be set intelligent sharing wireless full hd intelligent on-board vehicle traveling data recorder wireless hd video transmission | mobile phones to watch the preview and playback | synchronous driving track intelligent on-board vehicle traveling data recorder built-in WiFi module, and mobile wireless directly connected, mobile phone to watch and download videos. Intelligent vehicle driving recorder start automatically after ignition loop video and track record, and stored in the built-in TF card. Mobile phones synchronous driving track time watching, instant return visit to download photographs and video footage remote capture video phones, mobile intelligent synchronous intelligent automotive vehicle traveling data recorder creative design car remote control picture button, press can be remote-controlled camera taking pictures, photos and associated 10 seconds 5 seconds before and after a short video can be downloaded to mobile phones, let along the way scenery is no longer escape. Intelligent vehicle vehicle traveling data recorder of the second generation remote control picture button, lower power consumption, use longer, and increased the status lights, operation experience is preferred. Endorsed as violation occurs, long press the multifunction button for three seconds, can generate a press 5 seconds before and after 5 seconds of video, save in the event file. Integrated electronic dog, keep you away from radar detection remind | | speeding ticket problem GPS smart eyes remind | free data upgrade smart car vehicle traveling data recorder camera built into the firmware complete national road safety early warning data, combined with focused M6 built-in high precision GPS hardware module, be sure to provide accurate electronic dog early warning information focused user. Our creative design out through the phone App update electronic dog data plan, ensure the real-time and accuracy of the data. Ann the chip on the excellent handling ability strong noise reduction function of high sensitivity to run fast man step in Russia, the United States share than the Russian vehicle traveling data recorder is of the highest degree of saturation, the market is relatively mature, the Ann bully with outstanding performance and stability, with the largest market share. Widely used in China Taiwan of late development of Chinese vehicle traveling data recorder, price is low, performance is relatively better than other domestic chip of Taiwan's poems, occupy more than half of China market. Intelligent vehicle vehicle traveling data recorder chip applied in the field, rigorous monitoring quality imaging quality. Chip has been all over the world bank, traffic, plot monitoring and other professional fields, the global accumulated delivery has more than 20 million pieces. Gao Qingquan high-definition image sensor, 2. 8 microns large pixel, the realization of low illumination and high sensitivity, widely used in high speed camera and monitoring field. Custom lens equipped with six set of glass lenses and 1 piece of infrared filter, using F1. 8 a large aperture, increasing the lens into the light. Ordinary mobile phones or sports camera use plastic lens and more than F2. 4 a small aperture, cannot assure enough into the light at night. Intelligent vehicle vehicle traveling data recorder solution about here, you have what demand can ask, there is a problem can at any time consulting, welcome to ask questions!
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