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Led Intelligent Lighting Control System of Research

by:Huihang     2020-07-01
Project basis 1.1, the purpose for this project and significance In April this year was held in Shanghai the 4 th China international new light source and new energy lighting BBS, national semiconductor lighting engineering research and industry alliance international experts advisory panel members in the meeting ZhangGuoQi entitled 'semiconductor lighting technology and industry of new blueprint' speech report. His report aroused wide attention of industry and discussion. In his report points out how the semiconductor lighting industry chain is a DaoSanJiao shape, the bottom is triangle materials and equipment, as well as it's economy is limited; The middle is lighting products; In the most at the the surface of the biggest, production value is lighting applications. According to the semiconductor industry for reference if, material equipment market scale is about $10 billion, semiconductor components market scale is about $25 billion, system and application products around $110 billion, while its impetus service industry to about $500 billion. From the national semiconductor lighting engineering research and industry federation of information we can also see that, 2009 domestic semiconductor lighting industry overall associated with over one hundred million yuan, total application is a lot more than 600 yuan. So, to semiconductor lighting industry for, if only do light sources and lamps and lanterns, profit space is limited. But extended to the system application and lighting solutions, will be added value, which could be the development direction of future industry. On the other hand, long life is the advantage of LED products, but also LED the weakness of the industry. Because of its long life, create a LED light bulb life's more ten years, consumers during these ten years might to not have the necessary change, but for the markets will lose the consumption power. Our research and development LED an intelligent lighting system will fully give play to the primary advantages of digital LED lighting, Concluded in push into the household market has a necessary role. It is now the development of intelligent lighting system LED the best time, it will be LED the reform tide under a new wave of growth point for promoting the development of LED lighting, push on the national economic growth has important significance. 1.2, domestic and foreign technology development present situation and the trend In recent years, while using development of science and technology and material life level enhances unceasingly. Household, hotel intelligent also unceasingly by people place praise highly. As intelligent the different parts of intelligent lighting system-more become modern decoration, decorate concerns. Thomas Edison invented electric light since since, causing boundless . Now people have not only helpful for electric light lighting, are more used to build sweet and romantic, colorful, beautiful, luxurious atmosphere. In the United States, for example, intelligent lighting in intelligent household industry accounted for that proportion of the first, even more than the security needs. Although the U . s citizens is the beginning of your study of the smart home, but the work of popular do best is in South Korea, this and South Korea advanced electronic technology is part of it, but also due to the policy of the government support, so the South Korea produced like samsung, LG, and other famous intelligent household brand. Intelligent lighting industry while the 1990 s to the Chinese market since the particular consciousness due to market, market environment, product prices, to popularize strength and so on various aspects on the reason there has been no big action and improvement. Foreign intelligent lighting products prices too high, and related products are liable to just put the intelligent lighting as its intelligence product a subsystem to operation, positioning high-end, cause too high, as the s and s home appliance market. In addition, the domestic product promotion efficiency is far from enough. Because this can be a brand new industry, different in fast moving consumer goods, channels of construction, idea formation, etc., are stepping stones across the river, so also dare not too much effort and resources. But with digital household concept of development and international brand and part of in such as: Dynalite, road and WIELAND, and consequently on, to promote the rapid growth of the industry, intelligent lighting being an important part of digital household was all intelligent manufacturer place seriously rise, intelligent lighting into primary rapid development phase. 1.3 project, the prospect of the industrialization on the analysis The products an industry, the development and application for the market is at a high growth cycle. In the global energy supply nervous, environmental protection the grim situation of the objective condition, our country definitely put forward the strategy of your energy conservation and emissions reduction goals. The LED lighting incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp after as brand-new generation of 'revolutionary' light source, will greatly reduce even now consumption in Far east. The industrial development and employing the market in order to the strategic goal of energy saving and emission decrease in great significance. Semiconductor lighting development the country specific goal is to 2015 years into the 30% average lighting market, substitute for imported 70% chip, industry scale up to 500 billion yuan, increased the employment of 500000 people; Achieve annual economical 140 billion degrees, 49 million a great deal of savings, reduce sulfur dioxide emissions of carbon dioxide, the gas, such as 140 million a lot. In the recently released 1025 planning, guangdong will be extended only 30 million indoor lighting lamps and lanterns, drive the indoor LED lighting the prevalence rate of an estimated 30%. Indoor lighting to demonstrate software according to the dimensions to give 30% ~ 50% from the funds subsidies, and guide people buy replacement LED lighting lamps voluntarily. Based on the average every lamp 200 yuan (including hardware, installation, commissioning cost) cost calculation, the future guangdong five years of LED the market capacity of intelligent control about 6 billion yuan, the scale of the industry of up to 60 billion yuan of above. So LED the prospect of the industrialization of the intelligent lighting system is very broad, has a highly huge market memory space. Is the government after a LED chips again after a promoting economic development, promote the employment in the new growth direct. the purpose of the project and significance In April yr was held in Shanghai the 4 th China international new light source and new energy lighting BBS, national semiconductor lighting engineering research and industry alliance international experts advisory panel members in the meeting ZhangGuoQi entitled 'semiconductor lighting technology and industry of new blueprint' speech report. His report aroused wide attention of industry and discussion. Provides you with report points out that the LED strip led spot lights led flood light fixtures 2, the research development content, method, the technical route 2.1, web sites research contents 1) LED digital soft. Many times we need a few light can meet the wants of the lighting, but the traditional bulb just extinguish part for the light bulb to reach through the sunshine effect, and tend to be not real dimmer. Leds are semiconductor components, have natural digital dimmer assistance. Dimmer a variety of ways, in the light bulb is to buy little time can use silicon controlled the number to achieve simple dimmer, but it must have to be in the number of light bulb should be to realize the PWM digital light. We study fat burning capacity LED digital light may be the dimming PWM technology. 2) LED focus on digital management. With Leds number may appear far more and more, to use the traditional switch control
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