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Leds in Several Major Advantages in The Low Temperature

by:Huihang     2020-06-30
LED lights in several major advantages of cold used Abstract: The low lighting is the usage of artificial light to light, temperature 5 degrees C in C the following places, such as refrigerators, freezers, refrigerators, low temperature plants, outdoor lighting. Fluorescent lighting in the past, particularly at low temperatures, cold lighting LED source of light is now also available. 1 What is the low lighting? The use of artificial illumination in low light to light, temperature 5 degrees C in C the following places, such as refrigerators, freezers, refrigerators, low temperature plants, outdoor lighting. Fluorescent lighting in the past, especially low temperature, lighting now led at low temperatures also have their own place. 2, fluorescent lighting, if any problem at low temperatures used Although fluorescent lamps in conventional room temperature, the light output of up to 90lm / W can be any light source, you are considering entering low into the environment, whether are usually light-emitting efficiency, lighting and aesthetic design, showed more shortcomings. Although some manufacturers special low-temperature fluorescent lamps, the light efficiency of the problem to solve, but still led the lighting and aesthetic requirements into account. And also the price is very expensive. In the low temperature environment, in addition to normal fluorescent light-emitting efficiency can be halved, and shortens life. Even without considering the environment at low temperature under fluorescent uneven illumination problem, have to consider as a fluorescent light color and lack of color reproduction, because they can not demonstrate the best color of products may not achieve the reasons for obtaining consumer. 3, LED lighting in several major advantages of cold used Compared to CCFL fluorescent lamp cold light source is LED lighting used at low temperatures has a special advantage. An LED when the temperature at minus 40 degrees C environment also achieve instant start and require no special circuitry or programming. Second, the LED light output at low temperatures are not nearly affected and might be better when compared with normal temperature environment. Third, the LED light source is small and referred to the properties of light can be organized in accordance with requirements of refrigerators, display and as well as. LED, a sufficient and even illumination to better see the goods and labels. Fourth, the LED color, color temperature, CRI has variability, according to the different requirements for that lighting of products, select the corresponding LED light source to achieve the goal of obtaining the unsecured credit card. before Fifth LED and CCFL power difference, CCFL first by BUCK DC / DC converter, it will need replacing 10% of the electricity, and is then lost through the inverter 25% for the energy losses, and provided the energy to the fluorescent tube such as only 70% . But by the LED driver LED can only household power supply so that the efficiency of the transformer circuit up to 90%, with great energy saving amazing advantages. 4, LED lighting of the future development prospects of low-temperature LED lamps were first at cold and the Country in 2002 GELcore LRC LED Lighting Institute for Development and Cooperation low light conditions. Currently, the Taiwan Department of light and LED packaging manufacturer billion Lite division, low-temperature LED lighting products introduced. 2008, manufacturers have introduced LED on the conservation of domestic refrigerators, is very promising. According to incomplete statistics, earth's only fridge, fridge / freezer items a year millions of units only calculate when each implant 5 High Power LED, then demand in turn a huge the need for. As an international environment and increasing demands on energy saving, cold LED lighting the benefits of greater market share of low temperature to estimate illumination. lcd driver drive module
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