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Multi-function rearview mirror navigation

by:Huihang     2020-05-06
Multi-function rearview mirror navigation is an intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder, it helps the owner recorded in all road traffic, not to be confused for a unknown video, racketeer, on which all accident. For motorists, multi-function rearview mirror navigation almost already has become the trend of the standard. Multifunctional rearview mirror navigation are now equipped with multi-function rearview mirror navigation. The multifunctional rearview mirror navigation software which good? The multi-function rearview mirror navigation which one good? Multi-function rearview mirror navigation summary: multi-function played exclusively rearview mirror navigation is a multifunctional rearview mirror navigation SD card video video software, quick playback, easily decoded, at the same time it also can quick format SD card. Multi-function rearview mirror navigation is a camera: will be on the motor bracket can be automatically on the camera, and automatically with geography and speed on video, video playback synchronous display speed; Can upload your route to the Internet, share your experience with your friends; Use is very simple, just open the GPS and connected network. Multifunctional rearview mirror car navigation is a very practical car video players, the software is used for playing multi-functional rearview mirror navigation video video in SD card, software built-in operation toolbox, you can format the SD card, remove the SD card exclusive format, upload the firmware to the SD card, test speed of SD card with a password. Multi-function rearview mirror navigation function: 1, the background to monitor USB disconnect and connect, open the program and close automatically, availability of driving automatic startup, shut down automatically shut down. 2, set free, full automation, no manual manipulation. 3, video voice prompt, more humanized. 4, out of memory, the system automatically cut. 5, recording, want how how to record the record. 6, video playback, temporary storage, permanent, you have the final say. 7, video superposition of time no longer confused, for unknown video racketeer, on which all accident. 8, the map shows 9, detailed information see 10, 11 flip video, accelerometer description: the function of the accelerometer is very useful in the case of emergency, can provide strong evidence for relevant personage. Multi-function rearview mirror navigation is a vehicle traveling data recorder, GPS speed, get altitude, obtain address, latitude and longitude, and other functions to meet the needs of daily travel, at the same time can also be taken driving process, it can completely replace the multi-function rearview mirror navigation, let you henceforth no longer worry about racketeer party appeared, you travel is a good helper!
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