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Navigation astern vehicle traveling data recorder

by:Huihang     2020-04-29
Recently, a grind to their car installed back a few thousand pieces of navigation vehicle traveling data recorder, this is my friend introduce to me. Spend hundreds of yuan can fix things, spend more than 10 times the price. At first, the wife is very don't understand, why I spend less than half a month to buy such a seemingly useless products, in her mind, was kneeling keyboard. Later, the wife drive themselves after a few times, will completely change the ideas about it. Not only appreciate the vision to me, even with friends in amway its various benefits, what reason is this? Originally the wife before driving the most afraid of, also hate most is astern, nervous every time they go astern. She was back to both vehicles behind and on both sides of the situation, cause in the process of driving stress, panic and other negative emotions, then affect the actual operation. At ordinary times, if time back into the Treasury did not succeed, she will be more nervous anxiety, then stops for alongside waiting for other vehicles on the horn, almost collapsed. However, after using the navigation reverse vehicle traveling data recorder, astern becomes very easy. In the process of actual use, when the car turn left or back, the path on the display will changes with the change of the steering wheel, can the vehicle move forward or backward when the car after the location of the track, auxiliary driving. The beside her than me, also can let her at ease. The equivalent of a old coach, very patiently back command her step by step, no wonder you are so like. The wife say: navigation astern vehicle traveling data recorder is too good. With her, later please don't call her 'the driver', want to call her 'the female driver'. For my old driver, more important, of course, more than this one. First it as a recorder sufficiently clear and stable; In reverse image, it is accurate enough. The most important is, have the function of automatic switch day and night and super clear camera, can greatly enhance the exposure, the night vision performance on the auxiliary perfect, even the light all night to see the situation around in the back, to avoid the crash, ceng by mistake. In addition, the navigation astern vehicle traveling data recorder has wide near 3 d model, 3 d limit, limit stops cliff road, dock before, back into the Treasury and lateral parking six practical auxiliary driving mode, the security auxiliary driving mode is very practical. Such as lateral parking auxiliary driving mode. I often get to work on the road parking, downtown parking space very nervous, lateral position when parking is just right, front and rear car next to, parking is a difficult skill. But with the navigation astern vehicle traveling data recorder, everything becomes easy. Open this pattern, on the left side of the screen provides ultra clear 360 ° panoramic images at the same time, in the back or forward image on the right side of the screen and provide precise in the two images are true trajectory predictions, help guide me complete side bearing parking. Each time to my friends do not understand this product, buy it will spend thousands of money and a lot of friends have said don't understand. Experience with down over a period of time, people think of the money to buy very value, at least to the closest people much a security. Compared with the ordinary vehicle traveling data recorder, navigation astern vehicle traveling data recorder does bring subversion. Actually for the owner, as long as it can truly bring traffic safety products, are you really need.
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