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Networking smart car rearview mirror

by:Huihang     2020-04-11
Dispatch weiye technology for networking smart car rearview mirror design concept, unique custom pattern technology, integrating the resource of numerous merchants and matching quality car networking technology services, dedicated to provide users car customized high match the intelligent rearview mirror technology service, high cost performance, not only meet the demand of the owner of rearview mirror, a series of, and by the dispatch weiye science and technology research and development of networked intelligent car rearview mirror can be intelligent voice control can be connected to the Internet have advanced driving function, such as car owners can time control of the vehicle state. Networking smart car rearview mirror for the owner to build an intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder, provides the user the recognition of driving behavior, to guide, correct, standard driver's own driving behavior, through to the good drivers continue to reward, users to develop good driving habits, effectively reduce the risk of driving. Networking smart car rearview mirror combines the related functions of intelligent rearview mirror, make data acquisition more precise and services become more complete. Through binding intelligent rearview mirror, stroke data collection will be faster, better and safer, better help stroke analysis and evaluation. Networking smart car rearview mirror navigation roads features include: ( 1) Traffic violation query, and pay, electronic police picture viewer; ( 2) Report traffic events, such as construction, congestion, accidents and fail to stop; ( 3) Parts of the city to support the ETC query pay ( Currently supported in wuhan city) ; ( 4) Some cities support query vehicles in the city's traffic restrictions information; ( 5) Activation and manage the rearview mirror; ( 6) Check the rear view mirror to upload video and photos. Powerful networking smart car rearview mirror has following functions: near the parking lot, maintenance station search, search and comparison service at gas stations, parking in the strange place gas is no longer difficult. A road journey book function, can make the seconds of your mobile vehicle traveling data recorder, and share the beautiful scenery along the way of you shoot to my friends. * emergency services in your driving when you meet the emergency can help you. * order can be set, and implement traffic query * even if not in the car, also let you know at any time to the vehicle mileage and number of driving. * free car maintenance advice and guidance services, let you have our own repair master. * generation of car service, you don't convenient while driving, little finger can help you find the generation of driving. * installation in the vehicle terminal ( The rearview mirror, all-in-one) Before use, please ensure that terminals installed correctly. Laser eye laser eye APP, can help you to use a mobile phone remote view car position, receive real-time parking monitoring paparazzi photos, browse the vehicle trajectory playback journey happy moments. Remotely using the network remote connection laser eye smart rearview mirror, can use a mirror to remotely capture, and locate the vehicle at any time, car condition control at any time! Hot spot in the picture connection rearview mirror, quickly see recorded files, a key share the road you take! Check the trajectory of belt driving records, video and trajectory, a more comprehensive driving records, bigger on the game! The most advanced, the most intuitive odometer application, it can help you drive safe. High-speed EDGE GPS speedometer based on GPS speedometer, your car is displayed in the miles of actual speed, high precision km/hour or day. Each unit of speed, you can define the scope of personal computing. Speed warning you can define up to ten speed limit, and the application will notify you and visual alarm, when you go to any of them. The pattern of HUD. Rearview mirror, so you can be placed in your car's windshield phone and see it reflected in the dark. Trip to different parameters of log shows the current row, time and distance accumulated today all travel time and distance, yesterday, last week and different speed and distance units support last month miles, km from the sea, miles, km/h speed section. For km/hour, miles unit set up separate restrictions. You can easily switch to a border all restrictions in your country. Custom color you can specify any user interface to the user interface, the most suitable for the color of the inside of your car. Cars parked support application start automatically and exit on the docking and release. Battery status indicator shows the current state of the mobile phone and the battery charge level. Most high-tech enterprise growth of networking smart car rearview mirror weiye science and technology, focusing on car position, smart rearview mirror vehicle traveling data recorder technical service! Focus on electric vehicle charging management, battery management, position management. With software, hardware platform of a complete set of solutions! Now launched and artificial intelligence rearview mirror products, targets, private car positioning terminal products and the orientation of electric motorcycle products, children's products, home security products supporting ZhaChe software, to provide users view real-time vehicle position information, the vehicle details, query historical movement track vehicle. Remote operation. And to provide a panoramic map display, and other functions. More wonderful is about to blossom!
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