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Safe driving recorder

by:Huihang     2020-05-03
Safe driving recorder is a free, professional intelligent driving auxiliary tool. It integrated the forward collision warning, pro driving records, complete version of the navigation, and other functions. Technology to work overtime, work hard in brothers bump of the dalai, the boss said that finish this edition, we come to a dinner party: Fried product manager. Safe driving recorder is the escort you safe driving, through the analysis of the advanced intelligent algorithm, realize the vehicle in front of the detection, identification, measurement, etc. , to do advance warning, avoid or reduce the inattention, traffic accidents caused by fatigue driving, etc. We have launched a variety of intelligent driving auxiliary accessories, such as: the forward collision auxiliary, night-vision auxiliary; Auxiliary lane changing, etc. , in combination with safe driving recorder APP, great convenience driver's safe driving, enjoy driving. Make use of our technology and products, fundamentally solve various problems encountered in the process of driving, including invisible, can't see, see not congruent. Safe driving recorder let you drive safer! Each new version of the met, in order to give you a surprise. It is time to show the real technology, the old driver strong online. . 。 ( Here gasped, omit ten thousand explosive point) More wonderful content, waiting for you to order. Old driver to take with you, it is better practice become old driver. Safe driving recorder function advantage: 【 Take the initiative to remind 】 Illegal query, tail number limit line, the lottery results, a new dynamic active remind 【 Recall 】 New car defects recall query channel, the official query, the result is reliable; Information is secured, strictly confidential; 【 Ninety percent refueling 】 New & quot; Ninety percent gas 'feature, every yuan rose to a high straight down, Limited gas station security running recorder cooperation) 【 The owner service 】 Illegal capture to expend, second-hand car trading, car maintenance, a key generation drive order 【 Stick a map 】 Tell you the specific section stick a risk, from now on and parking said 88 【 Motion recognition 】 Implements for people and vehicle motion pattern recognition, the real vehicle traveling data recorder' The old driver 】 Subscribe to a key, enjoy faster and more abundant car information anytime and anywhere. We understand, know you more. The cloud security running recorder other function introduction:) binding: all illegal data save, history of warning: always check) tops the list of new illegal violation points, some key warning) : my wallet account balances, coupons, and transaction records be clear at a glance) weather index: be familiar with the daily weather temperature, washing pin points index), yearly check remind: intelligent pin points in time remind, yearly check safety running recorder with illegal data service industry, daily average of 10 million times query traffic, baidu, tencent and Scott, 360, UC Internet giant officially designated lawless data providers, real-time synchronization across the country bureau data, fast accurate. Safe driving recorder to CNPC, sinopec, sinochem oil giants, such as collaboration between the mobile Internet come on new concept.
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